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Confused; billing system clearly faulty, owes me money?

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Okay; so,

My most recently updated bill was approx 590 dollars; I got the same e-mail twice at the exact same time for the same amount, balance owed, 590. 

I process a payment, and approx 1080 dollars is paid from my credit card; now in an e-mail it states my balance is -539.44 dollars.. then, when I go to log into my fido account.. it says I OWE 390.72?!... 

What in the heavens above is actually happening? What is with your system; apparently this fee that randomly appeared out of nowhere, is dated from the beginning of march; to which I had paid off... as of yesterday.. in full as well covering the cancellation fee.. 

I know for a fact I don't owe fido anymore; but it appears fido owes me.. and seemingly their system is completely messed up... looks like you guys are trying to avoid paying up the same way I did for some time lol.

Explanation please.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi @sabinakalibek


That's rather odd and certainly not the experience we aim for. 


To narrow down the situation, could you clarify these couple of questions: 


- May I know what were the timestamps of the invoices you mentioned?

- You say you received 2 emails with the same amount. Was it a duplicate email? 

- Did you log into your account to make the payment? Was the balance the same as indicated on your invoice?


Please let the Community know. If you'd like to review the full details through customer service you can contact us through these channels as well.