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Collections Letter & Interest

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

Why am I getting collection letters when I have not received a call back from the president's office.


There's no way of contacting them directly from my end.


I have twice now heard from your reps that I will get a call and have not received anything. But what I do receive in a timely manner is my monthly interest increase along with a suspended account. 


I'm glad that I'm able to post in a community so that everything that happens gets logged and people are able to see the struggles that one has to go through to get justice. 


How the heck is this fair to your customers? How are you not ripping us off by doing this?



Hello @rajnitomer,


It's always in your best interest to make your payments then dispute it if there is an issue to avoid such problems as getting sent to collections.


You will get the call if the agents said they will call you but they will not be able to say when. The Office of the President is the last resort for any issues and when the case gets picked up by an agent in that department they will need time to go over everything to have an understanding and what is happening before they can reach out to you. There is no direct contact until someone from that department reaches out to you, it's done this way because everyone will just bypass the chain and call them directly. 


I hope someone reaches out to you soon and you can resolve your issues.

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

Your rep said by Tuesday (2 business days) I will get a call. It's in your recording and I think it's important for you to go back and check what your reps say to consumers. Do you see where the frustration comes from? Every rep says something different and has a different way of solving things. I was told that if I'm not able to access a computer I should find someone who can. That's your response. Which means that majority of our aging population is going to have no idea how to go through all of your automated nonsense, get thousands of dollar bills and then deal with this. 

Hey @rajnitomer!


Did you have a chance to speak to someone from The Office yet? 

If you still need assistance with this, please let us know here and we'll send you a PM! 


I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

There's no way I'm paying 4000$+ and then waiting for someone to not help me. I'm aware that the presidents office is the last resort and they need to me to go over my case but isn't 3 weeks enough?