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Winback Offer what is promised still not given, despite continuous attempts

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


I was promised a win-back deal of 300$ with an iPhone 12 pro in February 2021.

When the bill come next month, nothing was applied ($0 credit), I followed up with customer care twice.

The customer support even created some reference ID for the win-back team to apply cashback.


Never received that call, instead, I see a credit of $200 only, why this happened.

Again I wait to chat for hours and in the end, it is the win-back team that can do something and I am asked to wait for that

call, why do they need to call, when a simple thing is to just give the promised $300 credit.


overall probably spent more than 4 hours chatting with customer care. and looks it is also a waste as I will have to wait for another call from win-back, hope they will call.


I am surprised by the process itself.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @anilkpal,


Sorry to hear about that, and we'll be happy to follow up on the situation.


To get started, please reach out to us on these channels so we can access your account and take ti from there.