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Circle Calling is really Half A Cicle Calling

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

My son went to University out of town. Because his phone plan was on my account and I had Canada wide plan with Circle Calling, I believed that he and I could call each other without additional charges. Boy was I wrong. Once my first bill arrived that included my son being away at university, I didn't look at it since I had been out of town myself for a while for and assumed the extra cost was my doing. When my last bill arrived, I was shocked at the cost and then checked my bills. That's when I found out that my son's call to me where being charged long distance. I was very upset and then checked Fido's description of Circle Calling. They word it in such a way that make you think you and anyone on your account can call Canada wide if you have that on your plan. I then read other threads in this community and saw it was an issue for others. In reality, Circle Calling is not really a full circle but Half a Circle Calling feature. Fido should be truthful in their advertising and call it Half a Circle Calling because that is what it actually is. I am thinking of inquiring with CRTC about this false advertising feature, present them with the description to show how it misleads the consumer



Hey @JonBigDaddyCool


Rest assured that the last thing we want is to mislead anyone and to avoid unexpected bills for our customers.


We aim to be very transparent with our features and the information about Circle Calling only offering unlimited local calling is definitely not something we hide. You can see the details right here on our website

This means that while it must have been unlimited at no cost for you, the calls from your son must have incurred the charges. 


I'd be happy to look into your account to clarify things further if you want, I'll send you a PM shortly. Smiley