Change sim number

Change sim number

Change sim number

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Change sim number

I've been trying to change my sim number all morning. 

It keeps saying error on your end and to try again. 

Can any moderator do it?



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Hello Roushrsh,


  Welcome to the community!


  Are you trying to change the SIM card for a Postpaid or Prepaid account? If it's for a Prepaid account, it might only be able to be activated in a Fido store (see here).


Hope this helps Smiley



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goto fido store, as i have new simcard, and tried to activated it online, didnot work. i went to the store the fido person had to give me an new free sim, as my new sim was already activated and did not work.


Hey there @roushrsh


Where did you purchase your new Fido SIM card from? When you buy it in store, the change should be processed on the spot. That being said, you should also be able to complete the SIM card change online on


Would you be able provide more details on the error? What's the content of the message?


Let us know!