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Cancellation within satisfaction period

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My friend took a new FIDO phone number last month and had it cancelled within a week. She chose the 35$ monthly plan. When she was getting her new number activated at FIDO store at ST Catherine in Montreal, she was told that she can have this number cancelled within a 15 days time and she will only have to pay the activation charges or maybe not even that. She got her number cancelled within 5 days of taking it and only made one long distance call. The other call was to the FIDO customer care to have this number cancelled. The guy at FIDO customer care number also said that she will only be charged Activation + taxes.

But now she see this above 71$ bill in her FIDO account. Also, when she contacted the FIDO customer care on chat, she was told that she will be receiving some 31$ credit at the end of billing cycle, which will be credited from her current bill of above 71$. So still have to pay the remaining about 40 $.
The lady at FIDO customer care chat could not provide a proper break of this amount and neither the answer to the question that "why the agent at FIDO store and the customer care guy on phone when my friend had the number cancelled told her that she will only have to pay the Activation + taxes?".
This is not just a matter of few dollars, it is about what different agents at FIDO are telling a consumer through different point of contacts. Why the informatio is not same from each of the agents, why there is ambiguity?




Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @ashish5293!


When a line is cancelled, the days the service was used for will always be charged (even if it was within the 15 days). Any unused days are definitely refunded though!


Since we bill a month in advance, the first bill will always bill for a full month. If your friend cancelled, then the second bill will have all the adjustments. Once that bill is out they will be able to see exactly what was billed and all the credits. The 2nd bill will follow the account's bill cycle (even though it's cancelled) and will be out about a month after the first bill Smiley


Hope this helps!



I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Is the activation fees refunded as well ?

Hey @Prabhjot093!


The activation or service fee (currently $50) will be refunded within the satisfaction warranty Smiley


You can find more info on the different grace periods here, as it's been updated since 2017.



I'm experienced level 2
I'm experienced level 2



I'm sorry to hear about the inconsistent experience with Fido CSR. 

You may need to call back and speak to a CSR supervisor to have the difference credited. 

Whenever you call FIdo they make notes based on the call so somewhere in the notes should be the information about the credit. Otherwise I hope that fido is able to credit the difference for you, They are extremely good at keeping customers happy especially on a matter like this!


Hope this helps...Good Luck!