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Can’t upgrade to existing plan.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I cannot upgrade to my existing plan (1gb/$80 per month)  I wanted to upgrade to iPhone 12 pro using the same plan. 



Hello @Princess94,


If you have one of the older tier plans (Small, Medium, Large, etc) Those plans are not compatible with hardware upgrades anymore.


In order to get new hardware, you will have to switch to a current in-market plan in order to finance a device.


If you are happy with 1gb for $80 then getting one of the newer plans would benefit you.

Currently in Ontario Fido is offering  2gb for $45 + $33.34 for the iPhone 12 which works out to $78.34 before tax and you get an extra 1gb data

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I'm confused with the reply. I'm probably on one of the older plans sm. med,etc... 

last week I was offered an upgrade to my plan going from 1+1gb to of charge because ,I was told that I've been a loyal long time customer.  The offer showed up on my account so I accepted. Why not?


now I'm looking at possibly upgrading my device  so can I keep my existing new plan? If so when I pick the device I wish to upgrade to  where would I go to signal that I would like to keep the current plan? 

thank you 


Hello @906171632


When upgrading your device online and you pick the phone you want on the next screen it will look like this.


Keep plan.jpg


In section 2 if you do not see the keep existing tab where the red box is then your current plan is not compatible and you will have to choose a current in-market plan. 


If you do see the keep existing tab then just click on that and continue to follow the instructions.