Can't make calls

Can't make calls

Can't make calls

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Can't make calls

It was working just fine yesterday but now I can't seem to make any calls, I tried calling my voicemail and ended right away I tried cakking other people ended right away. What's causing my calls to be dropped 

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I have the exact same problem...

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Same here!!

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Hey @Hersheylorraine


We can totally understand the importance of having a phone that works properly! In this case, we'd need to confirm some information with you so we can run through some basic troubleshooting steps. 


- Can you confirm if you've had the chance to turn the phone off and back on again and then test your calls? 


- How many signal bars do you see on your device when these calls drop? 


- Did you notice if this happens only in one specific area, or is it pretty much anywhere you're located? 


Let us know. Smiley 


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Hey @Rick65 Smiley


Is there anything we can help with?