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Can FIDO stop harassing me

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1
  • I constantly have my phone cut off and messages for unpaid bills. 

    2 months ago I paid them 1000, last month like 500 and the bills keep getting lot and more outrageous. I pay them copious amounts of money and they stick to the schedule you give them like glue. Like a little bit if lenience would be nice through Christmas and holidays and coronavirus when nobody has **bleep**ing worked. You don't see our phone bills getting discounted. Nope still charging an arm and a leg for a cell phone and expecting payment on time.  

  • just get off my back FIDO I'm going through a coronavirus divorce, I've lost my kids and haven't worked in 3 weeks. Just piss off


Hi @Dabinfamous,


Sorry to hear about your struggles; I hope things gets better for you. 


You can check out this link to know everything about making a payment arrangement. 


Hope it helps!