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Call from Fido -- 1(833) 425-2396

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

This morning someone called and i answered. Said he was from fido and want to speak to my husband who is registered in the account. when i told him that he is at work, he aske me if i am  ----- and said my name. I said yes and he said he was calling because we had a discussion about a promo that was not done.... then he got cut off. 

I realized it must be a scammer and now i just gave him some information -- I went to my account and immediately changed my password --- BUT FIDO -- aside from changing my password, is this something I have to worry????




Hi @Mondaymorning , good that you changed your password. I'm not sure what information you provided but you may want to speak to a representative and put a note on your file. You could ask them to not make any changes without checking for authorization or something to that effect. I'm sorry you feel you were scammed,  that's really unsettling. Hopefully customer service will help you secure your account. See HERE  for ways to make contact. I hope it works out and gives you some peace of mind.