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Brightstar // Fido Insurance is a scam

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I lost my phone when I had a vacation in Vietnam. 

I file a service request then got rejected. 

1st time I called. - There was one guy answer it got rejected because of time zone. It means my phone lost on Jan 8 (Vietnam time zone) and I filed it on Jan 8. But it is supposed to be on Jan 7 (Canada time zone). So system reject my request. That guy told me that I need to give him the IMEI number so that he can process my claim request. 

2nd time I called. - There was one girl who answers inconsistently to the 1st guy. She told that nothing Brightstar can do for me. 

It doesnt make sense. If system cannt do anything in this case, there should be a message or a warning pop-up before claim request processing in order to notice the users. 

Have been a customer of Fido for 2 years. And it was disappointed me. I would not recommend you Fido services.



Hey there @Anniei


Thanks for sharing your concerns, your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Just to clarify, service requests have to be submitted directly to Brightstar, which is our partner when dealing with your phone's extended warranty. Have you reached out to them or did you contact Fido for your service request?


We understand how important having a functional device is, and if you've already placed a claim with Brightstar, then I can assure you that we can follow up on it on our end. 


To get started, simply reach out to us at these channels so we can take a closer look. We can also send you a PM here if you prefer.

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I did contact with Brightstar.


Hey @Anniei


Do you still need help with this?

Thanks for getting back to us, @Anniei!


Could you prvide us more information so that we can do everything we can to help you?


The first time you called, had you provided them the IMEI number for your device so that they could process your claim? Had he submitted a claim on your behalf?


The second time you called, did they provide you a reason as to why they could not process your claim for you?


Let us know!