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Borderline false ads with trade-in

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

Do I bother CRTC with this?

So I was trying to upgrade to a Galaxy S10 yesterday, with a GS6 for trade-in. After reading the offer and doing some math, I was expecting to get the S10 on a medium plan at 870$ - 300$ trade-in credit - 60$ my current phone's value.VCrEkVuInstead, the maximum Fido gives is 300$. According to the wording on the website "Up to 300$ in addition to the trade-in", WITH the fine print, I was lead to believe it would be 300$+minimum 25$. But alright, sneaky wording was expected. 



BUT to make it worse, the 300$ was including taxes, so the actual rebate is around 250$ on the phone. which isn't any better than any other competitor, or directly from Samsung, which is 200$ minimum + phone value. Fido just wanted to have an extra 100$ figure on their site. 


If anyone thinks it's not a big deal, it makes a difference of 500$+tax vs 600$ +tax


Honestly, I'd expect these tactics from Bell, but not from Fido.

Weekend got ruined.

Thanks for listening.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Gmyr


We understand the importance of benefiting from the best deal. 


I'll be sending you a PM shortly, so we can take a closer look into this. 


Talk to you soon!