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Service Idea for Fido mobile

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

First of all, I would like to thank you for your excellent service and coverage that you provide to all your consumers. I am really pleased with the service so far and have also suggested my friends sign up with Fido for their mobile services.

I moved to Canada last year as an international student in April and subscribed to Fido mobile. I was with Fido up until September when I moved to a different service provider as it was cheaper and offered more mobile data on the connection. Recently (on 21 February 2019) I received a call from Fido about this connection with larger mobile data and 1000 minutes international calling option at no additional cost which is when I moved back to Fido.

However, I feel that there is some room for improvement in the service. I think Fido can come up with plans tailored for students (international students included) that are not so expensive and meets their needs such as higher data. I think this can attract a lot of students to Fido in the long run. The company would have a lot of data about its customers that include the amount of mobile data used and the location of customers. This way Fido can come up with student plans that can help students subscribe with the service provider around university campuses. Additionally, Fido can also tie-up with some other services (like Spotify) around various demographics and help the customers use such services at lower/ discounted costs. A lot of international students who need to stay connected or online for various reasons can benefit from a plan that provides higher amounts of 4G data at lower prices as most of them are not earning. I feel the prices of plans (not only with Fido) are quite high compared to some other service providers around the world (China, India, and Singapore). It would be great if customers had the option of making their own plan i.e. choose from a list of options as to what they want and pay only for those services. This way customers can pay only for the things they need and wouldn’t have to pay for any unnecessary add-ons. It would also increase customer engagement with the service. 

Would like to know your opinion about this idea and if possible share any information on why are the prices of mobile plans so high.

Thank you once again!






Hey @duttagaurav and welcome to the Community.


I'm happy to see that you came back with us, that's appreciated.

On our end, it's important to be as competitive as possible on our plans. Your opinion is important to us and and I want to thank you for sharing it here on the Community.


For now, our plans come in a bundle with features already included. I invite you to keep an eye on our promotions on for upcoming new offers.


If you would like to discuss further about our plans, you can contact us trough our channels here.