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Blackberry Plans

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

if i were to get a Blackberry Curve 3G on a 2 year contract what is the cheapest plan i could have on that device with blackberry messenger (bbm) included in the plan



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I'm an expert level 2
I'm an expert level 2

In February 2011 all retail plans of $35 or more had BBM included. I am not certain if this is still the case, so it is worth a call to verify. Also, they still have two $10 add-ons with BBM if your voice plan doesn't include BBM.


So, the very cheapest would be the $15 retail voice plan + the $10 BBM add-on for a total of $25.


There are usually minimum monthly plan requirements (i.e. $50 minimum for iPhone) to be eligible for the discounted price. I am not sure if the Curve requires this or not, so it is worth a call for that too.

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Actually, to get the rebate on the phone you must have the 35$ plan or higher (which includes BBM).


It's not offered on the 3 year plan with 10$ social/email or 25$ data plan anymore. However, for data plans (including Blackberrys normally) you need a minimum 25$ plan plus the data plan (or 10$ social/email for BB). So a minimum of 50$/month for smartphones and minimum 35$/month for BBs (when they have the possibility of a 3 year contract. My guess is that the devices out now dropped to 2 years to prepare for the Curve 9360, but it's just a guess)

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Before you choose the phone, you should choose what PLAN will suit your needs. Its not really a wise idea to pick the phone then "pick any plan that you think is ok" Your going to be paying for this plan every month, for the duration of your agreement, its pretty important to make sure this plan satisfies your needs first and formost. Why not just do a cost analysis on the plans, price out the cheapest one, and calculate them for a year and see which one you can go up to without breaking the bank?