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Billing issue_activation fee charged

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Yesterday I saw my first bill when I ported phone # over, I really surprised and disappointed. Fido charged me $176.


I ported my # to fido online under my account during the week of black Friday, as fido posted some deal under my account, I took $40 for 4g+3g bonus option with BYOD. Then thing messed up, fido supposed to mail me the sim and I should call in to activate my sim by porting phone #.


First, fido said the sim is now activated but really the sim card I received didn't match the sim card on fido's account as activated.


Then on Saturday( right after Black Friday), we had to waited on line for 1 hour at Costco fido booth to get sim card replaced and ported phone # over to this new.


Now, in the first bill, fido tried to charge me for $45 activation fee plus 1 day usage of that non-existent phone line. That's a rippo, I tried to call back, but said the line is activated then cancelled the next day, so that's correct. Also, the black Friday deal, activation fee waived as advised, why fido tried to charge me the activation fee?


Can someone please help me on this matter? 


2nd, I have data- only plan with fido for a few years, and I saw many people was able to lock for 24 month with a free tablet, so I did it as well through retention department. Now fido tried to charge me another $45 for activation fee on my bill, that's not same as the discussion with retention department, I am sure it's  said the setup fee will be waived for tablet. Can someone look into this matter as well?


Thank you







Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Linhai!


We'd love to help out and clarify things with you! Smiley


In terms of the Black Friday promo, the $100 + $45 credit applied for activations done via which is what you did. You then mentioned going to Costco though. Was a second account opened there? 


If that was the case, the fees would apply as our promotions don't apply at Costco, the promo really was online only.


In terms of tablets, the $45 does apply when activating a tablet through care.


I do hope all this info helps, don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to discuss further.