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Incompetent Customer Service, Blaming Customer For Its Own Mistake

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Fido provided a horrendous customer service experience recently (yet to be resolved). I upgraded my phone and data plan online, and elected for "Express Pickup" for the new phone (thinking it would quicker than mailing to my home address). When I called the store the following day for a status update, the rep told me they "rejected" my order because they did not have the phone I ordered in stock, and suggesed I call Customer Service to place a new order. This of course did not sound proper. Meanwhile, the Customer Service rep told me my order was still "active/pending" and thus could not revise my order to either 1) pickup the phone at a different location, or 2) have the phone mailed to me instead. Finally, I received an email notificaton in the evening telling me my order has been cancelled. The reason for the cancellation was that the pickup window had expired. This is nonsensical, as I had ordered the phone just the day before, and had never received a pickup notification. Fido basically placed the blame on me the customer. Lastly, in my futile attempt to try upgrading my phone a 2nd time, I have now lost the Promotion Credit I was entitled to the 1st time, having never used it. I'm at a lost for words.           



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I`m sending you a PM to gather more details on this. Talk soon.