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Billing and Awful Customer Service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am with fido from 2017 and paying 45/month only for GB data. However i used to get $5 discount every month. It was ended on august and i didnt know that. Once i got the bill i requested several times and waster hours and hours but no agent provide any discount. What kind of service Fido is providing, I m upset and not recommending anyone for fido.


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello my dear confused multiple million dollar company.... I have been sooooo frustrated with the glitches on my account to which Fido always said IT LOOKS GOOD ON OUR END..would you like to make a payment now...HA HA HA HA HA.  I HAVE HAD TO LAUGH BECAUSE BEFORE EVEN TRYING TO HELP I WAS DISMISSED...TWILIGHT ZONE is my experience... I let this go on for many months....I would get no noticifaction for my bill for 2 even 3 months then I would pay what they said NO USE ARGUING BECAUSE EVERY TIME I IT LOOKS GOOD ON END...HA HA HA HA

SO I simply paid to see what would happen...well now I've overpaid...I'm not making this up and I'm leaving much content out.  I stopped stressing and just paid....finally caught there glitches myself...yep not people that do this for a living but me a almost unworthy one finger pushing buttons on a keyboard one at a time.  Misspelled words and all...a barley literate construction person had to point out that I now have complied and went paperless almost 2 years of wrong...late or no bill emailed to me at times.  I have to call customer service and say I'm not and have never received anything from Rogers.  ALL Of a sudden a Rogers we go again...yep you should not have had that sent....ha ha ha ha.... lol I'm sorry but I'm falling off my **bleep** Sherlock...I did not say that but definitely was thinking it.  I asked the only and first employee of Fido actually interested in trying to find out the problem so I asked him to send my previous bill and only that specific email.

WELL TO MY Surprise I check my email and tell the Fido employee about my issues of the glitches sooooo I repeat it to him.  You sent me 1 email ON YOUR

yep.......WHY ?  DID I Just receive 15 to 20 previous email and or statements then.  I introduced my sence of humour.  LOOK GOOD ON Your end I say.... he asked me to be patient and he had to restart and reset various things on my account.  Can you imagine...1st helping person in 2 plus years....never did solve the issue.  Now I get my final bill and have not used your network for 2 months now Now now I finally get a bill.  Unfortunately I have a sense of humour and getting upset with your company got me nowhere. **bleep** off leave me alone don't send me any had your chance and blew it sky high. Glitches do happen and it's 100 % the person entering wrong information at some point...Fido employees should have listened 2 years ago but just thought I wanted a discount.  I never did get a dollar off and most likely overpaid but sick of incompetence and the lack of company loyalty I had been rewarded with.

Im not paying the final bill until you get it correct and figure out when I stopped using your network...OMG even the last bill is wrong.... I am willing to pay actually but I'll give you 2 years to figure out the proper amount OK ....DEAL ?

Hey @8871terry!


You mentioned not receiving the e-mails regarding your bills. Is it possible we had the wrong e-mail on file?


We can check that out and we can also review your final invoice. Please contact us when you get a chance so that we can do that. 

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Excellent Service. Thanks  

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

You completely missed the point of your customer's post. The company set up a revenue trap (a way to charge a customer for a service or product that the customer did not directly want or agree to). The customer was dissatisfied and tried to discuss the issue with customer support but had a difficult time actually contacting customer support and then had nothing resolved in the end.


These days, business is not founded on good service and products because there is no need to satisfy customers when there are over 7 billion potential customers on the planet. The strategy is to provide minumum service or product quality for maximum price, avoid providing customer support, generate extra profits through revenue traps and out promote the negative effects of disgruntled customers who take the time to post a review. This strategy is protected through solidarity among companies so there is no net loss of customers. A disgruntled customer lost is replaced by a disgruntled customer from different company.

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @mdsalekur


Thank you for sharing your experience with us and for choosing Fido as your provider! 


Our available promotions and credits often change, if we weren't able to offer you this promo at this time it doesn't mean we won't have similar or other promos in the future. For now we're only able to offer you what we have available. 


Did you take a look at our current plans here? Perhaps a better plan with more data is available! 


Let us know!