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Bad Experience with Customer Support with humiliating comments

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


Me and my husband are Fido customers. I am Fido customer since 2014 and never had the experience that I have this evening.  

While enabling WiFi calling on my Samsung Galaxy S8 (Enable WiFi Calling option is enabled in my handset), it throws an error “Looks Like this device is not eligible for WiFi calling, please contact Fido customer support.”

I did make a call to Fido Customer support at 7:58 PM EST and spent 58 min 11 sec with an executive.

I had a very bad experience with Fido customer support this time. The executive neither could resolve my problem nor provide any guidance rather kept on asking same questions several times along with undue, incorrect, and humiliating information and comments.

  1. She couldn’t answer why WiFi calling is not getting enabled on my handset though the “Enable WiFi Calling” option is showing.
  2. My and My husband’s Mobile handset are both unlocked outright purchase. We both use Fido connection. She couldn’t answer why the WiFi calling is enabled on my husband’s handset and not on my handset.
  3. She asked at least 5/6 times where we purchased our handsets and whether they were purchased along with Fido Plan or not. I told her repeatedly that both of our plan is BYOD, but she kept arguing constantly that as my husband’s handset is with Rogers (I have no idea from where and how she is getting this false information) so he has the WiFi calling facility on his handset.
  4. She repeatedly told me that only Fido/Rogers equipment can have WiFi Calling facility others can’t have the facility. I again informed her that both of our handsets are BYOD then how my husband’s handset has the facility enabled? She couldn’t answer my question properly.
  5. Few of the times she told as my handset is 2017 model that’s why it does not have the WiFi calling (the matter of fact is the Galaxy S8 has the “Enable WiFi Calling” option). Few of the times she was referring that as my handset is not registered with Fido, so WiFi Calling is not there. It seems, she herself was confused and making incorrect comments.
  6. I requested her several times to transfer me to technical team or higher authority, but she denied doing so. As I was on phone with her long time, I requested her to arrange a call back with technical team as I need to hang up due to some priorities elsewhere, but she denied.
  7. I handed over the phone to my husband (I did inform her the same) and went to accomplish the priority work. Nearly after 1 hour she informed my husband that within next 48 hiurs I will get call back from a manager from Fido.
  8. My husband asked to confirm according to her which one is the right cause (as she was making different inconsistent statements) of not enabling WiFi calling facility on my Galaxy S8 - A) Galaxy S8 is older Model and does not have WiFi calling facility or B) I did not purchase my Galaxy S8 from Fido so I can’t have WiFi calling?
  9. As she didn’t have the proper answer and couldn’t resolve the problem, she was trying to escape by making a wrong and humiliating comment that she was not treated well during the whole discussion period. My husband replied as she couldn’t be able to respond per customer satisfaction, it will be better to talk with a manager.

I had a very simple question as to why WiFi calling is enabled in one Galaxy Handset and not on others (under the same account) whereas both are in BYOD plan and WiFi Calling Options is showing under settings? How to enable WiFi calling on Galaxy S8 on BYOD plan?

Is this a kind of customer service that Fido is committed to – escaping by making false and humiliating comments upon not able solve customer’s problem or not able to provide answer to customer queries. It seems Fido is compelling us to think about a different Mobile Carrier after 8 years.


I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hi @nupuchak 

First, sorry for the bad the service you got :(. Normally the Fido service is great. I'm here as an user to help you in your situation. I will explain in technical details why u can't get Wifi Calling.  Samsung make for example Galaxy S8 worldwide. The Galaxy S8 is the cell phone name, but every carrier and every country have different model and different Firmware and baseband rom. So S8 is only a name, you need to check the model, firmware rom & baseband rom. Rogers/Fido was the model SM-G950W, with a Rogers Firmware and baseband rom. So to get Wifi Calling u need to have the Samsung SM-G950W unlocked with Fido/Rogers, with a rogers/fido system rom & baseband rom, purchased from him. 

Have a nice day Smiley

Sincerely yours, khouya Smiley


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello Khouya,

Many thanks for your help and reply.

I am not much familiar with so much technicality on Mobile Handset. Will you please help/ugide me that how can I get the information about model, firmware rom & baseband rom of my handset?

Will you please let me know how do I make sure whether or not my Galaxy S8 has the Samsung SM-G950W?



Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Nupuchak,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you've not had a positive experience with customer support. However, the information provided was not necessarily false or inaccurate. Generally, devices not purchased nor available from Fido won't likely be supported for certain functions, like voLTE and Wifi-calling. However, Fido has allowed certain grey-market (ie Canadian version of devices carried by Fido but purchased elsewhere) to use the service. Those included Samsung Galaxy S8 and above (see here).


  I understand both of your devices were bought outright and you have BYOP plans. However, that does not provide any information regarding the devices themselves. Depending on where you purchased your devices, it's possible your husband's device originally came from Rogers. If that's the case, its International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) would identify it's from Rogers (see here). Since Fido/Rogers share the same networks, that could explain why the feature works with your husband's phone.


  If your phone did not originate from Fido or Rogers, that could explain your difficulties enabling Wifi-calling. It would also explain why your device IMEI does not register as being from Fido. That said, as previously mentioned, Fido has allowed certain grey-market devices support for Wifi-calling. However, your device would need to be the Canadian version of the Galaxy S8 (SM-G950W) for it to be considered grey-market and be supported. If your version of the Galaxy S8 is not the Canadian version, unfortunately, I don't think it would be supported for the feature (even if the option is in the settings). Is it possible you have a different Galaxy S8 variant?


@nupuchak wrote:


  1. My husband asked to confirm according to her which one is the right cause (as she was making different inconsistent statements) of not enabling WiFi calling facility on my Galaxy S8 - A) Galaxy S8 is older Model and does not have WiFi calling facility or B) I did not purchase my Galaxy S8 from Fido so I can’t have WiFi calling?...


  I hope I was able to address your concerns. However, regarding those specific queries:

A) The Galaxy S8 is capable of Wifi-calling. However, only the Canadian version of the device would be supported on the networks.

B) Generally, devices not purchased from Fido (or Rogers) won't likely be supported for Wifi-calling. However, in some cases, grey-market devices have also been supported. That said, they do state in the FAQ: If you have a non-Fido Android device (e.g., you did not buy your device from Fido), Wi-Fi Calling will not work.


  If your device is the Canadian version of the Galaxy S8, you might consider re-contacting customer service to see if they can re-attempt to enable the feature. In addition, they can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above.


Hope this helps 😀




I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello Cawtau,

Thank you Cawtau for you reply.

However, I am not very clear about, what do you mean by "Canadian version of the Galaxy S8"? I can confirm that I did purchase Galaxy S8 few years before and the Galaxy S21 last year from retail store here in Toronto. I called to Fido Customer Service Y'day and spent nearly an hour but the executive couldn't able to confirm me whether or not the WiFi calling can be enabled on my Galaxy S8.

Please do let me know what other information I may provide that will help the Fido executive to understand/identify whether or my Canadian Version of Galaxy S8 is will be allowed for WiFi calling. As per your comments this information seems to be a decisive factor now.




Hello again,


@nupuchak wrote:

... I am not very clear about, what do you mean by "Canadian version of the Galaxy S8"?...

  No worries. Samsung makes their devices with slight variations depending on the region they are intended on being used. Some of those differences might include differing bands/frequencies and/or different chipsets, etc. To differentiate the different versions, or variants, Samsung adds a specific letter to the end of the model version to designate the region. For example, the Canadian variant is SM-G950W while the European (or Global) variant is SM-G950F (see here).


  You should be able to determine the model version number for your device via Settings --> About Phone. The model name and model number should be provided, as well as serial number and IMEI, etc (see here). If the model number listed is SM-G950W, then it would be the Canadian version of the Galaxy S8.


  I understand you purchased the device through a retail store in Toronto. However, some stores might have sold versions from elsewhere. It can be fairly common to find the Global (F) or AT&T (U) versions being sold around the city.


  Unlike the in the US, all of the different Canadian mobile service providers offered the same model version (SM-G950W) of that phone. The only difference would be branding and some minor software variations. Since they are all the same model version, they are likely to be supported on the different networks.


  If your phone is the SM-G950W, you might let customer service know it is the Canadian version and inform them you are aware of other grey-market Galaxy devices with those features functioning. If they are not familiar themselves, they might need to find someone with more experience regarding grey-market devices.


  Unfortunately, if you have one of the other variants, I don't think you will be able to get those features to work on the networks.


Hope this helps 😀