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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Fido just billed me $98.74 for third party charge from Roblox which I never authorized.  It was a series of small charges and some larger ones through the month of May 2020.  I checked the forum and found that many of Fido's customers were scammed by Roblox the same way.  Fido has already received complaints about this for many years and they are not doing anything about it.  Fido is an accomplice.  All they say is "contact Roblox".  Has anyone contacted Roblox and got any satisfaction?  Can Fido stop any such "third party" charges?  Is there anyone in the police department we can report this crime to?


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


i have the same problem with bango, i was charged with 200$ extra (Third party) for buying a currency for a game, even i didn't provide them with any information related to my phone number and any payment method, and when i contact fido agent he asked me to contact bango and check with them about these payment. 

unfrotunatly i didn't agree with what he said cause i didn't recieve any authoraitation about any payment (no SMS, no E-mail)


Hey @YOYO777 Smiley


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I'm sorry to learn that you got unexpected charges on your invoice.

That said, as @FidoClaudia mentioned in this same thread, the purchases were made from your device and the payment method chosen was to bill on your provider's invoice.
That means those charges don't come from Fido, but rather from a third party.

They can only be contested with the third party in question, so you'd truly need to contact Bango at the email address on your bill. 

If you'd like us to block such transactions for the future though, don't hesitate to contact us. 

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Hi Claudia,


Thank you kindly for your response.

If my bussu app subscription on Google Play Store is canceled since Sept 07 2018 (as seen in the screenshot below) and I have not used the premium Busuu service since then, not sure how you consider legitimate any future charges (2018, 2019, 2020 and counting) on my Fido account.

Google_Play_Busuu canceled since 2018.JPGIncorrect_Fido_Charge for non-existent subscription.JPG 

This means that I have been charged years in a row for non-existing service which by no means is legitimate. It seems that after cancelation of the service, the records are not updated to stop future/further payments and the billing system is set in a way to overcharge customers and there is no interest in fixing it. There are many user complaints on different user forums on this topic and unfortunately as all involved parties (including Fido) benefit from overcharging customers there is no interest in providing a real solution for the problem.

I have already escalated the issue with Fido, Bango, Google and the app developer (Busuu) and currently going in circles.

Fido and Bango both stated that they will block future charges, but no one is really willing to refund the overarched amount.

Blocking the charges is not a solution as at this point there is clear confirmation from any involved party that the cancelation of the subscription (since Sept 2018) can be updated so the charging of my account will stop!

If Fido can offer a real issue to update and avoid this extorsion of illegitimate charges from customers will be a real step forward as there might be many affected people who stayed silent about their issues with this pirate like methods of charging customers.


Hey @DimsaBit,


I understand how frustrating this is, however, it's important to keep in mind that those charges and service are not offered in any way by Fido but a Third Party. The only reason the charges show up on your Fido invoice is because of the selected method of payment that was chosen, which was for the charges to be applied directly to your provider's invoice as opposed to directly on your credit card. 


With that said, I'll be more than happy to take a second look at your account to look into it. 


I'll send you a PM shortly. 



I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Same issue. Bango is dirrectly accessing my Fido phone bill and charging 39.96$ CAD for an app (Busuu) that I have not subscribed to.

This is invalid charge!

Contacting Bango does not provide a resoution to the issue as after few short responses they simply refuse to acknowledge that the 

My Busuu subscription on Google Play was canceled as of Sept 07/2018 But Bango is still continuing to charge for something that I did not use and refers me to Google  play and app developer for cancelation.

On Google Play this service is already cancelled.. this goes in a cicrle.


Hey @georgianaku


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We know that having a higher invoice is an unpleasant surprise and I definitely understand where you're coming from. 


We can certainly block those for you for the future, however those purchases were made from the device itself, they had to be authorized first by the user of the device otherwise no charges would've been possible. Since the charges are from a third party, they can only be contested with the third party in question, the best way to go about this is really to get in touch with Bango at the email address found on your invoice. 


If you'd like us to block such transactions for the future, please contact us or we can send you a PM on the community, let us know what you prefer.