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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I have been with FIDO for almost 5 years now and over the years, my experience has been getting worse and worse.


I ordered a new phone from FIDO as part of my FIDO account on November 29th. On November 30th, i got a call from Purolator advising that they are unable to deliver the phone because my unit number is missing in the delivery address and that I need to contact FIDO to get it fixed. 


I tried calling FIDO on December 1st but there was more than 3 hours wait and the call got disconnected. Then I tried to chat, again there was no one to even chat and they kept asking me to try again. So I kept checking the whole day to see if they can assign me a chat specialist, after trying the whole day I finally got someone who after asking all questions, transferred me to some other department. Then again the same thing happened, i waited to get a chat agent and the after hour of waiting and going through everything again, they transferred me again. So here we go again, I waited to get an agent again and went through everything all over again and the resolution i get is to call this number 1877-224-9832. Guess what happened when I called this number? Its Rogers customer experience and they asked me to call FIDO. So I am back to square one. 


So I try again on Dec 3rd, I called FIDO and after hours of waiting ofcourse, I spoke to this agent Rijin. First he refused to transfer my call to supervisor. He said he raise a request to send an email to Purolator, after keeping on the line for atleast half hour he says "MY WORK IS DONE" and I have sent an email to my TL to send the details to Purolator. I asked him but when will "MY WORK BE DONE" because now again I have to wait for someone to send the details to Purolator. He said it should be done the same day. So this morning on DEc 5th, i checked with Purolator and its still not updated.


SO AGAIN I CALL FIDO this morning. After waiting for 2 hours, someone picks up and says they need to transfer me to the "RETENTION" department???? I was like why and I asked him to transfer me to the manager, he said ok and just put me back in the queue. So again I am waiting in the queue and an agent called Mihir picked up the call. So i explain everything again, without even checking he says let me raise a request to back end and when i said it should have been done on Saturday, he goes "oh yes i see that". When i told him I will not disconnect the call until Purolator receives my updated details, he said ok and subtly disconnected my call. LIKE SERIOUSLY!! AFTER 3 HOURS SPENT ALREADY, THE AGENT DISCONNECTED MY CALL!!! And ofcourse no call back from the agent. 


So here i am again, calling FIDO waiting for another 3 hours to get someone to help me. 


On top of that i receive a new bill already for $111 which does not make sense as its been just few days that I updated my account and i get a bill for $111 INSTEAD of $50. 


I think its high time i move out of this ridiculous company and get a new service provider. The worst thing is I will need to be on the phone for 3-4 hours to even get my services cancelled. BY FAR THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Update: The incompetent agents at Fido were not able to send a simple address update and Purolator has now returned the device back to Fido. I do not have my phone and now I am being charged a higher plan amount. When I called again today, the agent had no sympathy and said its me who chose the plan and I have to now pay it. I told I am 9 months pregnant and you guys have given me so much stress and anxiety and she had not even a word of sympathy or any solution to offer what so ever. I have decided to end this 5 years of ridiculous relationship with FIDO. But I have to wait for them to update my account and cancel the device before I can do anything. Its truly ridiculous and no one to resolve anything for me. 

Hello @Sheetal89,


Thank you for the details. I am very sorry to learn about your recent experience, including all the back and forth you you've had with us recently. I can only imagine how upsetting it must have been for you. Generally, Black Friday is a busy time and there are longer delays. That said, it shouldn't have taken this long though. 


We definitely wouldn't want to see you go over this. I'll send you a PM shortly so we can go over your account together. Talk soon!