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Activation fee nonsense

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Cole's notes version. Ordered new phone and shipping to avoid activation fee nonsense. Fido tells me it's back ordered now and will be a few days. Popped into Fido store at the local mall and they have that device in stock. I say great I'll cancel my online order and pick it up here at the store. Inquire about that $60 activation fee and I'm told yes I'd be charged that fee. It's an esim with an iPhone. I can activate it myself in about 30 seconds. Hand me the phone and don't even open the box. I'm beyond ticked at this sort of nickel and diming me to death. I've already left Fido myself but I've still got 4 kids with Fido service. Looks like they'll be leaving soon too.



Hey @Proac! We're really sorry to see you go. Please note that the Setup Service Fee is a one-time fee that applies to new activations, bring your own device, and device upgrades. The fee will be charged for each line that has been activated or upgraded.

If you activate or upgrade your device through self-service on  the Setup Service Fee is waived. If you process the transaction online and would like to take advantage of our device setup services with our expert specialists, the $60 Setup Service Fee will be applied in-store.