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Absolutely pathetic customer service at best from agent

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i spoke with one of your customer care rep. Call was made around 7.55  pm on 18th May. this was regarding my security deposit and she kept me on hold for 30 minutes stating various reasons. she said she is checking with colleague. then she said she emailed manager and is interacting with manager. then she said she is chatting with manager. then she said she will waive off something. at this time, i asked her what she is trying to do and she said she is interacting with manager. i asked her to connect me to the manager and she said she will. i asked her for interaction ID for the call so i can raise a complaint and she said she will give it to me and then after few more minutes of silence she transferred me to a line which was playing some music forever. This is the worst customer service ever. absolutely pathetic. you should be ashamed about your customer service reps. 


I pay my bills on time and i deserve better service. 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Anonymous


Sorry to hear about your recent experience. We can assure you that we do strive to offer better customer support. We're here to help after all, be it to answer your questions or your concerns.


Just to confirm, have you had the change to have your situation looked into and did we answer your questions? You can reach out to us on these channels sow e can access your account and follow up on the situation.


In terms of how we handle security deposits, perhaps this thread can answer your questions.


Hope this helps Smiley