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8th of July outage

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was traveling for my vacation to US on 8th of July 2022 and both of our phones (my wife and mine) were not working whole day because of the outage. We could not call our family, we could not take the car, which was already rented, we did not know where to go. You caused us such financial damage that 5-day credit will be able to cover it. I roughly calculated that our loss is minimum 500 dollars, because we must pay more for taxi, food, etc. I can send to FIDO all the unexpected bills that I have because of your mistake. I can provide you all the copies of the bills and other details about the damages that FIDO had caused to my family.

Predrag Novakovic

Saint-Lazare, Quebec



Hello @capen313,

Fido can only credit back what they would have made per account and nothing more, admittingly it was a huge inconvenience for many but just like how many say Rogers should have backup systems which apparently were affected also we should also have the same.

If Rogers was to pay everyone for their assumed losses providing Rogers can actually make all those payments where do you think they will get the money from? It's the customers that will eventually have to pay it. The credit they are providing is already costing them millions. Let's assume it bankrupts them then what? Now we have two major carriers and would see even higher rates.

This outage was actually a good thing it highlights the impact of the monopoly we have in Canada and should force regulators to finally open up the market to more competition which would be more beneficial to consumers in the long run.