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Do I pay for service or do I pay for NO SERVICE?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi Fido I hope you know that even a 10-minute interruption to the service is UNACCEPTABLE.

It was mind-blowing to know that Fido REFUSED to provide service for a whole day without any backup plan. I have got an important video call today and I thought I could rely on Fido to have that done smoothly. And of course, I got slapped on my face hard and I felt like almost being told that "what do you expect by paying AS LITTLE AS half a hundred bucks per month? The fact that you can still get your phone bill is already a generous offer by us!"

Please could you let me, as a customer, know

  1. Why is the architecture so weak that not even a backup plan/resilience mechanism is available given any hardware/software failure?
  2. The root cause of the service interruption. 
  3. On what ground should I continue to use your service (or by chance, no service) in the future?
  4. Are you still capable of running a telecom business?


Hello @nelson2022


We know you count on Rogers to connect you to emergency services, make payments, serve your customers, connect with work and keep in touch with friends and family. We take that responsibility very seriously and on Friday we let you down.

We are continuing to monitor closely to ensure stability across our network as traffic returns to normal.
Our technical experts and global vendors are continuing to dig deep into the root cause and identify steps to increase redundancy in our networks and systems.

We will continue to make significant investments in our networks to strengthen our technology systems, increase network stability for our customers, and enhance our testing