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40% price increase on latest Fido Bill

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Hi there, my account number is *********

Recently, I have just discovered the bill of my phone went up $16.95 (40% increase) from $41.81 to $58.76

I have a very limited budget, I need to pay rent, groceries and other expenses. I simply cannot afford the price increase of 40% all of a sudden.

I went to one of your branches, and your colleague introduced me to one of their plans, which is way cheaper than the price you are quoting me. I am very disappointed that your company is increasing the prices on loyal customers, while giving very generous discounts on new customers.

When I told your colleague at your branch that I am an existing customer, and not a new customer, he became very rude and dismissive, and told me to go away and leave the counter, and need to contact customer service.

The customer service hotline has a long wait time, and it is never reachable. I simply cannot afford a 40% price increase from $41.81 to $58.76. I also felt offended your colleague was rude, because he would rather chat with his friends and not deal with a paying customer when he found out I am not a "new" customer.

I would like an apology from your manager, and I will look into filing a complaint to Consumer Protection Ontario. Your company has raised my prices without any notification, and the prices on your Fido stall is simply mis-leading and falesly advertised because an existing customer cannot get that price.


R. Cheung


I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Hi, internet charges are increased only by adding a single line in bill, no body called us to inform. Someone should understand our situation that if we are on auto payment we do not go in details of bill. I celled customer care, where first two agents said we would definitely adjust, but when it reached to final agent she was blunt and said we will noyt make any corrections, then my questions is that means company dont need loyalty of customer. I hope the senior should see and take care of other cliuents who didnt ignore intimations intentionally but they may have other reasons. Clients should be respected. Thank you.

Hey @simar7 


Feel free to contact us via our channels here


We'll be happy to help you! :grinning_face:


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there,


Sorry to hear about your recent experience. That is definitely not the kind of service we'd want to offer our customers. We'd be more than happy to review the situation and send the appropriate feedback to the store. To do so, you can contact us on these channels (Social media generally has a shorter wait time), or contacte us here by live chat to share your concerns.


In regard to your invoice, while we try to limit these changes as much as possible, we sometimes revise the prices of our plans and services. That being said, our highest rate increase for a plan in the last couple of years was of $5/mo. It seems that in your case, it's more likely that a promotional discount expired. You can confirm the changes by viewing your invoice in PDF version, which can be downloaded online on or on your Fido mobile app.


Hope this helps!