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4 GB / $10 tablet data plan - Does not support incoming SMS as advertised

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

Hello, I have spoken with several live chat and phone agents now, and every single one of them confirms that the current 4 GB / $10 tablet data plan supports unlimited incoming texts. Also, in the Fido app, the plan description states:



4GB Data

Unlimited Incoming Text

Call Forwarding - 20¢/minute

Billed Usage-Invoice Details

Detailed Billing


However, incoming SMS messages simply never arrive. Many others out there have confirmed the same thing, that incoming texts simply don't work. Of the agents I have conversed with, they have even provided cut-and-paste descriptions of my plan, which indicate that incoming text is supported. I have also confirmed with an agent that no blocking of incoming texts is on my account,. Yet, incoming texts don't work.


Thus, I suspect that the descriptions of the plan that the agents are reading and which my Fido app lists, are simply wrong. Or else, something at the back end on the technical side isn't set properly.


Can someone please reconcile this for me? Either the plan does NOT include this feature and the description of the plan is wrong, or else customers with this plan are not getting what is advertised for this plan.


Please don't just tell me incoming texts should work fine, because three agents have already told me this, and many of us out there have already confirmed that they don't.




Hello 75Rhen,


  Welcome to the community!


  As mentioned previously, the data-only plans no longer supports calls or text messaging. There is no option to enable texting or calls on those plans.


  I think FidoStephane was referring to using a phone with associated phone plan (Talk & Text or Talk, Text, & Data) to receive your confirmation SMS and calls. I don't think he was referring to using a data-only plan in a phone. You should also note that the 4GB for $10 is technically Fido's Tablet plan. As far as I am aware, Fido was closing loopholes regarding that plan and started to limit usage of that plan to tablets (see here). Fido also offers that plan for their Hotspots. However, its usage would likely also be limited to actual hotspot devices rather than smartphones.


Hope this helps 😀