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$2.50 Plan price increase

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Dear Team, I tried to reach customer care. I see an increase of $2.50 in my monthly bill from July.  I was informed that this line was added in the bill at the end. There was notification via email and on the app.  The line read "YOUR MOBILE PLAN RATE IS INCREASING
To continue delivering mobile services that are with you every step of the way, we
regularly review and adjust our plans. While we try to minimize the impact on our
customers, the monthly service fee for your mobile plan shown on this bill will increase by
$2.50 (plus taxes) starting on the date of your first bill after June 23, 2022. Rest assured,
the rest of your Fido service will remain the same with access to great benefits such as
Fido XTRA and Fido Roam(TM). If you have an active Fido Payment Program agreement
or your mobile plan is on a fixed term, this rate increase will not apply. Don't worry, an
offsetting discount will be applied, and your plan's total monthly fee will stay the same. If
you change your mobile plan, the discount will stop. This change is made in accordance
with the CRTC Wireless Code. If you have any questions or no longer wish to subscribe
to your mobile services, please reach out to us in any of the ways listed in the Contact Us
section of this bill."


Not at all happy with this price hike.  If nothing is done, I am tending towards discountinuing the service.



Shishir Kulkarni


I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I've been a Fido customer for 2 decades.  With this nonsensical and unannounced price increase on my monthly bill I'm motivated to investigate plans from the Fido/Rogers competitors.  As you can tell, I am not pleased. 


Hey @shishir2 Smiley 

I definitely understand that a price increase isn't what you wish to see on your bill.
We always try to keep prices as low as possible and avoid increases unless they’re really necessary.

That said,  the costs of providing top-quality services have gone up over the past few years, that’s why sometimes we have to take a second look at our prices and adjust them.

If you'd like us to look into your options, you can contact customer service who'll be happy to assist you!