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1000 international minutes charged 745$

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi friends. 
Who can solve this issue!!!  
My bill was 745$ for this billing cycle. The reason was i was over 1000 minutes calls. 
but you ahould know what happened.there was an error in the app during november mid and usually i check the usage and in app it wasnt showing how many minutes i used for international calls. If fido app is showing error and makes the bill higher. They are really making customers disapponting. 

who can help me. 

i know valid calls are charged as per policy. 

but to be honest this is their error and for that how should a loyal customers get robbed for this fidos charges. 


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Let me tell you. I spend 5 hours in total lat day to connect with customer rep. But still issues are not resolved. Last mont when the app was in error, i called the customer service, the wait time was 30 minutes plus. 
i was in a bad situation, my family was in an issue back in my home country, so i keep calling my parents, at the same time i was keeping an eye on account amd it was in error. So tell me is that my issue.  

Hello again @AliAkbar


The error in the app might not be your issue but it is your responsibility to ensure you do not go over your minutes and incur high fees.


If the calls were made then the charges will be valid and if you are not able to pay it in full you can contact the credit operations department and work out a payment schedule.


Hello @AliAkbar,


Getting a higher than expected bill can be overwhelming, when you notice the error did you reach out to Fido?


If you knew the app was not showing you the minutes that you used you should have taken necessary precautions to avoid going over your allowed limit. 


Since the calls were made the charges will be valid if you are unable to make the payment in full Fido does offer a payment arrangement you just need to reach out to the credit operations team and they can help you.


You can get more information here.