credit check for fido home internet for almost 15 year customer

credit check for fido home internet for almost 15 year customer

credit check for fido home internet for almost 15 year customer

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credit check for fido home internet for almost 15 year customer

hi, I would like to know what reasons would you need to do a hard check on my credit  causing it to drop by 20 points. I have been with fido for almost 15 years. I understand if its a new customer and fido is wary but to a loyal customer of this length doesn't make sense. Please explain thank you


Hey @Thinesht86,


First off thanks so much for your long time loyalty, we truly appreciate it! 


If you currently have an active wireless account with us, the credit evaluation should've been internal. 


We need to run an internal credit evaluation even if you have a Wireless service with us before we can activate Fido Home Internet services. The internal check doesn’t reach the credit bureau so it doesn't impact your credit score. We just need to look at your payment history with us to see how many products we can offer you.


We can definitely take a closer look at happened with you and see what can be done. Just a heads up that for any account specific questions, you can contact us here. Exceptionally, we can also send you a PM on the Community, let us know what you prefer. 



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Hi thank you for your reply, please do PM me, it was a hard inquiry not internal as you are suggesting.

Hey @Thinesht86,


The situation definitely sounds odd. On average, your credit score should only decrease by 5-10 points for a hard inquiry. Have you tried contacting Trans Union or Equifax to find out why you've had such a drop in your score? If not, I suggest contacting them for more information.


I hope that helps! 


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My question still stands, Is it standard procedure for post paid customers of fido to be credit checked for adding home internet. I am a long time customer in good standing not a brand new one. This hard inquiry should have been an internal one not something that goes to the credit bearu, I am stressing the fact that I am not a new customer. Thank you.

We do a credit evaluation for the activation of your Fido Internet service even if you're currently a Fido customer. 


Credit evaluations are done when:


- A new customer activates an account

- An existing customer whose previous credit result expired :

  • Activates a new line on an existing account
  • Activates a new account

I hope that clarifies things. 



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Ok i got it, Fido doesn't trust me to pay my bills, k thx. No further correspondence needed.

That's really not the impression we want you to have @Thinesht86. We appreciate you being with us for years, however an internal credit evaluation is still required when activating a new wireless line or a Home Internet account, this is pretty standard with all companies. 


I'll send you a PM to take a closer look at your Internet account though.


Talk soon! 

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Well, I cannot say how Fido compares with others because I have not had any other expereince but let me share the number of credit checks that was carried out.


In April -- "Hard" Credit check for a postpaid mobile line

In August - "Hard" again when I added home internet

In August - And three days later, again "Hard" when I added an extra line.


I certainly think Fido could do away with some of these "hard" credit check. 


Hey @ghhggh


We can assure you that for existing customers, credit evaluations will always be internal. We'll be happy to take a closer look at your account and to review the recent changes made.


We'll be sending you a PM shortly. Talk to you soon Smiley