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can i split my connection

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have the fido provided internet .. i have 75 MBPS and now just upgraded to 150 Mbps modem.... i live in a 3 level Townhouse with basement... because i have to do work from home and i need isolation when im at work i have to set up the modem provided by fido on the top level of house where i have my office provided desktop with VOIP(Aruba ) directly connected into the modem /router.....also i dont want other to suffer by setting up my office in the middle of house .. my tenant in the basement is complaining that wifi signal is not good when i moved the router/modem to top floor... i have a sapre Netgear router and teksavvy modem (thompson) is it possible that i split my network into 2 ... one with the fido provided modem/router and nother one goes to the thomspon that i can install in the middle of my house where it can distribute evenly to the rest of the rooms in the house... i have 150MBPS internet ...


i used a second fido modem and set up in the middle of house and it served my purpose but now that i am cancellin my 75mbps fido connection as i have teh 150 mbps i have to return that modem back to fido ... does fido provide 2 modems in this sitution like myself .... its a huge inconvenience as the whole purpose of upgrade is a waste as the wifi dont have the signal strength .... 


im aware that i can use a range extender but even in that case its a total loss i only have a speed of 5 mbps and its like having no internet .... 


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Hello Manish007,


  Welcome to the community!


  As already mentioned, you cannot split your service into 2 as you suggest using another modem. However, you might be able to utilise your Netgear router as second network. It won't be a true, separate network, however, you should be able to segregate your top floor Wifi from the rest of the house. If your Netgear router has a repeater function, it could take the signal received from your Fido modem/router and re-broadcast that signal. With that router in repeater mode, the Fido modem/router will still function as dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) server. The Netgear router would generate its own Wifi signal. If that router is placed in the middle floor, its Wifi signal might be able to extend to the basement better than the Fido modem/router from the top floor.


  Generally, the SSID would be the named the same as the originating SSID with RPT included to differentiate the signals. However, you should be able to change the SSID such that they are different from the SSID generated from Fido modem/router.


Hope this helps 😀



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I'm qualified level 1

Hi @manish007,


You will not be able to split the connection using two modems you can only have one registered modem on the account.


Your best bet would be the range extenders but It looks like you are using it wrong. A range extender will extend a signal range that is provided to it at that point. If the signal is weak in the basement you can not put the extender in the basement because all you will be doing is extending a weak signal. You will have to put the extender on the main floor where you have a stronger signal and extend from that point. Depending on how the house is built you might even have to put an extender in the basement. 


You can also use power over ethernet adapters as an option.