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Worst customer solution experience ever and please never again!

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

     This "incident" starts from the BLACK FRIDAY WEEK of 2023, my FIDO HOME INTERNET 50% off promotion was ending at DEC 23 2023(it was my 2nd year with the same offer), and I call in to "renew" my agreement and see if any better promotion will be offer to me, the REP recomand me to migrate to their parent company ROGERS, but it was more expensive and I decided to stick with FIDO 50% off, the REP told me I don't have to renew it by now and offer will automatically apply to my account, so I didn't minded to do any change at that time, and when it came to my DEC bill, the offer became $35off and no longer giving modem discount (8 dollars rental) , so my plan changed from $88 /w 50% off  to $88/w $35 off! So I waited till Christmas day offer to give a shout, at Dec 28 2023 by calling *611 to FIDO, I got migrated to ROGERS ignite, I've asked the Rep if I have to call to cancel my Fido internet and she told me I don't have to, and she email me a return shipping label for the FIDO MODEM, I felt odd for a glance of that Purolator carrier(cause last time I return modem was using Canada Post, and I've mentioned it as well, and I thought they changed the carrier so I didn't kept in mind).

     I reveived emails at the 28th 9:31pm modem has been shipped out; 9:55pm my ROGERS accounts have been linked, and  I got ROGERS modem the next day Dec 29 2023, I got email after activation of ROGERS IGNITE modem at Dec 29 2023 4:12 pm, so I no longer using FIDO service afterward, and ROGERS start charging me by Dec29, I paid my FIDO's December "FINAL BILL"(billing cycle end at Jan3 2024  = 5 days unuse credits),and followed instruction using the return label to return the FIDO equipment at Dec 30th 2023, while thinking everything went smoothly, well, so thing always happened!

     I call *611 at Jan 11 2023 seeking for update when I saw Fido continue charging me after Jan3, and that wasn't a very pleasant experience, Rep. Claralynn was giving me this kind of feeling and approach that I am the one that made all those mistakes, I called Rogers not Fido, and I shipped out the equipment with a wrong carrier, I should have to call in to cancel my servicve! I am offended, I told her "I call *611 and I didn't get transfer to anyone else, is ROGERS Fido's parent company? And I used the returning label YOU gave!", I told her to listen to the call recording, because she was ASSUMING and ACCUSING me with no facts nor statements! I gave her the shipping info and she checked it and it was delivered (I have snapshot of returning shipment billing if you need) ! I asked her to apologized, but she refused to, so I got her name and case #i2161823113 (please listen to this **bleep** calling record)!! So my FIDO internet account was canceled at Jan11, I guess. I got an email of returning label at Jan12 2024 9:48am, and I ignored it as I've returned it. Fido had sent me another email with return label(Feb4 12:01 am), requesting me to send back the equipment within 7days to avoid an unreturned equipment fee. And I decided to call on today Feb5 2024 to wrap up this mess.

     I called *611 at 11:46am on Feb5 , the wait time to reach to a Rep wasn't long, about 6mins, I explained all the situation to her but she doesn't have the authority to make change for me, and she had to TRANSFER me to management team, from Rep to manager it took hours, this call took 3hrs 21 mins and still " in a line of transfering to a manager" , I am busy so I quit the call!

Second call was made on 4;35pm for a 24mins waiting for a Rep. and I ended it, and I directlly call by number to see if would be faster, so my third call was made on 5:02pm for a total of 3hrs 17mins, this time 7 mins to a Rep, to a manager to pick up my call, the waiting time was over 1hrs 45mins, but at least some one finally answer my call! And this was the worst part, she has this nicely soft voice that could make you asume that she could hear you out! But while you explain to her and break down the logic to her, she wasn't knowledgeable and not willing to accept your answer, all she did was refuse refuse and refuse, and give her own answer for you to accept, and when I CORRECT her, she would say "  I COULN'T GIVE MORE CREDIT " , she made wrong calcualtion and she made me felt like I greed for more!!! While I tried to explain to her once more, she cut my phone call!!!! OM*G!!





     *FIDO HOME internet plan 150u $88 with 50% off promotion

     *50% off Discount end at Dec23 2023, 

     *Migrate to Rogers at Dec29 2023 ( to Jan3 2024 billing cycle = -5days)

     *Billing cycle Dec4 2023-Jan3 2024

     *I paid full $67.36 for this December 'FINAL BILL"


regular price $88 (from Dec4 2023 to Jan3 2024)

 minus -$28.39 partial 50%off discount end at Dec23 (Dec4 - Dec 23)

  minus -$12.42 partial $35 discount end at Jan3 (Dec24 - Jan3 = 11 days)

equals to =$47.19 December two diffrenet partial discount from Dec4 to Jan3 2024)

***But $47.19 this is a full billing cycle(Dec4 - Jan3) price before tax

***I switched to Rogers at Dec 29 2023, till Jan3 2024 bill cycle day should has 5 days credit



 Dec bill and Jan bill cycle 31 days


 $35discount/31cycle days =$1.129/day 

Verify using partial discount

 $12.42/11days Dec24 - Jan3 =$1.129/day

***From above, we can tell by 31 days billing break down

***We can calculate each day for the new $35 discount promotion by:

( $88 regular plan - $35 promotion discount ) / 31 days = $53 / $31 =$1.71/day


Dec29 to Jan3 2024 (5 days)  follow $35 promotion discount 

   $1.71 * 5 days = $8.55

So, from Dec29 to Jan3 2024 this 5 day I didn't use the Fido service,

there should be a credit of -$8.55 from $47.19 (from above for a seperate promotion full cycle price)

 $47.19 - $8.55 =$38.64 * 1.13 HST = $43.66 <- this is how much I suppose to pay for December "FINAL BILL"


I already PAID $67.36 -$43.66 i suppose to pay =$23.70 credits fido owed me!



I tried to explain all this to that manager, and she NEVER LISTEN, and she calculated like 14 dollars, and I told her it was wrong and said to her "to make our life easy can you credit me $23.69 ,and if you are kindly enough to hornour me for the 6 days 50% instead of $35 discount, that will be 2 dollar difference $25.66" , all she said was "no I can't give any more credit", and later she did another calcualteion and end up like $17something, I already frustrated of how her unstanding of this matters, and when I tried to break down and slowly explain to her,  she cut off my phone!!!


well, in here I'd say: if you couldn't do your job correctly, let the capable one sit your position, not every client

would waste their life to finish up your own work, and worst part was you go your own way!!!


**partial discount from Dec 4 to Dec 24 = -$28.39, I started using Rogers at Dec 29 2023,

and Fido last day was also Dec 29, untill Jan3 2024 billing cycle = 5 days left


December 2023 billing with partial 50% discount

and transition of new promotion of $35/mth from Dec24 - Jan3 2024 partial discount go to January bill




Break down of the 50% off partial discount and 




because system still recognize my account is active

new $35/month discount partial credits for December bill (from Dec24 - Jan3) moved to January bill 




Break down of the Jan bill credit





payment history















Hello there!


Thank you for your message. I can understand your experience hasn't been ideal, and this isn't what we want. That said, as much as we'd love to help, the Community is not a servicing channel. Please reach out to us through one of these channels so we can review this together with you.


Hopefully, talk soon!