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Poor customer loyalty

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been a home internet customer of Fido since 2021.  My sibling and I signed up at the same with the same agent.  My sibling stays separately and I've noticed they always receive an email at the end of the year from Fido, honouring an extension of the discount whereas I have to spend hours on the phone with customer service to do the same.  On

top of that, they are somehow now charging me more than my sibling which doesn't make sense considering my sibling has the exact same internet plan.  Icing on the cake is Fido didn't honour their last quote to me (even though I had a reference number) stating that "the agent made a mistake and forgot to apply the rate increase."  So had I known that, I'd have gone with another vendor's promo at that time because it was boxing day.  Gosh what a waste of my time, effort and money to deal with Fido.  I even got told by the complaint department that not only were their hands tied, that "at this point, we don't even know if Fido internet will exist next year and they basically WANT you to cancel."  I'm so disappointed with Fido, proves how bad it gets when they're taken over by sharks like Rogers. 




Hey @Customer007 Smiley 

Welcome to the Community!


We're sorry to hear about what happened. We always aim to remain competitive with our offers and provide great deals to our customers, along with friendly and efficient customer service.


When it comes to Home Internet, it is indeed no longer offered for new activations. 

Our friends at Rogers now offer the service instead, but you're free to keep your existing Fido Home Internet service.

You can however usually get migration promotions by switching over to them, and it would be worth checking out what's available for you! 


We've been partnered with Rogers for 20 years now, and although we remain separate providers, we sometimes rethink how our products are being offered.

We’re continuously working to enable the best possible experience for our customers.


If you need help with your current Fido Home Internet account though, don't hesitate to contact us through any of the methods listed here.