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Terrible fido internet experience, formal complaint

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Both me and my husband have been fido phone customer for over 10 years and we had no concerns. Fido was great, but recently we are very disappointed with what happened.


We had a fido 75 internet service since last year, it was on promotion, so the price was halfed. It ended Nov, 2022 this year and I contacted fido through the online chat to see if fido can apply any discount.  That agent told me that they will apply the same discount onto my acct and my payment will stay the same. However, it turned out it is about $8 more as they are not able to apply the same discount. This is fine if they tell me from the first place, but I don't like something happen unexpected. Whoever the agent was is very unprofessional to tell something not gonna happen.


so we ended up decided to cancell our internet, so I contacted fido on Dec 7, and clearly advised to cancell my service on Dec 10th!!!,2022.  and the agent name Nitin  confirmed that it will be cancelled on Dec 10th and will send me an email for returning equipment. However!!!, my service got cancelled on 12:01 AM Dec 8th. and I lost connect completely. 

I contacted them again and they found that the agent cancelled my service on Dec 8th by mistake and said will take few hours to get it resolved. so I waited for the whole day and the internet isnt coming back. so I contacted them again and got swinged by few people, still not having the issue resolved. and the latest agent told me that she need to file a case that need about 24 hrs to resolve. Nevermind!, My internet will be cancelled after that time.


 I am working from home and I ended up have to use the phone data for the whole day. It has never been this frustrated for the whole time we have been with fido.

we have decided to cancell our phone plans as well. I guess it is the time to change a provider. There were few times that other providers offer better phone plans, but we didnt want to switch because we have been with fido for a long time and fido was pretty good.  but with this experience, No More



Hey @Shawnssn,

Welcome to the community! 

I'm truly sorry to learn about your experience with our customer care team in regards to your Home Internet and that it's caused the termination of your two services with us. We hate that it had to end this way. 🙁

We surely do take it all of your feedback, and by all means, if there still any unresolved concerns, please contact out support channels here.