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Poor experience trying to get internet working

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I raised a request to terminate my home internet connection from 27th July. But then I changed my mind and wanted to keep it, so I raised a request to cancel the termination request on 26th July. I was told by the chat specalist that I do not have anything to be worried about as the termination request has been cancelled. On 28th morning I wake up to no internet and I called the tech support at 5AM and he says that he cannot do anything as its not in his scope of support and asked me to call back after 8AM when the customer support are available.

As I could not work from home I had to rush to office and from office I started a chat and the chat specalist said that its in the queue and the services would be restored by 29th morning. I trusted him and waited.
29th morning, still no internet and I called, the agent who answerd my call had awefull background noise and was throwing such an attitude at me like "who cares", he showed no empathy and was talking to me like "its not my problem your internet is not working". He just put me on hold and then said he would transferring me to some other team. Was on call for a while and this guy said he would try doing somthing but I could not stay on the call as I had a meeting to attend. Hours of being on line and spending time with chat specalists while I am on my office calls was so traumatic I am regretting being with Fido. Such an useless service and and worst support for the customer support.



Hey @AnuragSonti! Philippe here. I hope you're doing well. Smiley


I'm sad to read about your experience. That certainly not the way we want you to feel after trying to get help and I sincerely apologise for that!


Have you had more success since your last post? If not, we'll be happy to send you a PM from the community for assistance.


Let us know.

Hey @AnuragSonti! Philippe here. I hope you're doing well. 

We're really to read about your recent experience with us. If you still have any questions about your Fido account, feel free to send us a PM on Facebook or Twitter.

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Hi Phillippe, 

I really appreciate you trying to help, but Fido's pathetic and medieval processes have left me without internet for 3 days straight. The worst of all no one took any responsibility in restoring the services. All I got to hear was the ticket is with backend team and there is no way to reach them. 
You have no escalation process in place.

I was fed up calling Fido and being on hold for hours together to see nothing done by anyone. So I switched to Bell. They pretty much had someone available to complete installation the very next day and that too on a Saturday. I got a better deal too. 


Dont bother restoring my services. I have already asked for a cancellation again and I was told my ticket is stuck with the back end team and it will be processed who knows when. 

I will probably port my wireless connection too. Would never recommend Fido to any family or friends.


Thanks for your message though.


I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Oh boy, it does not end here.

I got on to a chat this morning to check the status and the chat specalist said that the account has been cancelled. He also gave me a reference number to return the modem. He mentions that I can return it in Fido Store.


There is a Fido store near by my place. The store address is 6064 Yonge Street. So I go there by walk after my work and the guy inside the store would not let me in. I rang the bell outside and the guy inside signalled me something. May be to say "I will let you in in a bit." I did see him talk few customers inside, but there is no reason I should stand waiting outside (also remember it was hot outside).


I wait outside for about 15 minutes and I was lucky that there was shade. This guys comes out and asks me the purpose of the visit. I mentioend that I came to return the Home Internet Equipment and he straight away says that they dont accept it. 


I did mention to him that I was told that I can return the equipment in store and he says I was given wrong information. 



So, helplessly I walk back to my home and get on a call with fido again and after 30 minutes of waiting, I spoke to a guy in cancellation team who says that the documentation is outdated and not all the stores accept to return the equipment. 


He then sent a Canada Post return ID number and asked me to go to Canada Post to return the equipment. (In this whole ordeal this was the only guy who was a little helpful to me).


This has nothing but been a torture by Fido with their outdated documentation, outdated equipment, outdated tools, outdated processes. 

I hope I no longer have to deal with Fido after returning the equipment. But I still doubt it as I am sure they are going to bill me for something and I probably would have to get on a call with someone again, go through the whole thing again and suffer again.