New discount offer

New discount offer

New discount offer

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New discount offer

thekid_6_0-1602207528557.png my first "promotion ended",i was going to close the account and this email came up. but then in the bill it does not have the discount. i feel like i just got lied on. 



Hey @UnexpectedDuck. @thekid_6,


The new discount or promotion does not necessarily kick in on the same day as your billing cycle. If the change (adding the discount) is done mid-cycle, then the changes will be reflected on your next invoice. Have you had the chance to confirm?


Let us know!

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i got another email saying about the promo. starting NOV 15 2020. if i get another full price NEXT BILL, i dont think im coming back again 

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maybe you did not see the picture. it does say starting "sept 26 2020", my first promo ends at sept  27 2020. i try to believe that fido would do the job correctly. but it seens to be not the case. if i knew this would happen i wouldve just canceled it in the first place. I feel like fido is just playing the word game and not actually taking action?

Not at all @thekid_6,


As mentioned, the promotion's start and end date will not necessarily synchronize with your billing cycle. When looking at your Fido home internet invoice. What is the starting or closing date of your cycle?


If you'd like us to review your account and take a closer look, you can reach to us at these channels. A Fido representative will be happy to assist.

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my bill cycle to mid month 14-15 to mid month 14-15. but i did already pay extra money for the last bill month. the promo is 50.85. at the last month i have to pay $58.

promo ends 27, new promo says 26. meaning the next bill should have to promo applied to.


current bill i have to pay full price with an extra dollar? im literally overpaying. i honestly dont get what ur not getting 



We would need to go over your account to see what happened.


You can always reach us on our channels like explained here. 


If it's best for you, we can send you PM directly here on the Community.


Let us know what's best for you Smiley  


Hey @thekid_6 Smiley


We can definitely check on our side and verify what happened!


In order for us to access your account, you'll need to reach out through any of the customer service channels listed here.


Alternatively, we can also send you a PM through the Community, if that works best for you. 

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Same thing happened to me only I called in and was promised 20$ off and then of course the next bill is full price.