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Missing 5g network

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

To put it simply into words my wifi straight up sucks.

I can barely watch youtube videos on 480p without constant buffering, my imessages don’t send so I use my data which is very annoying and finally I cannog use any social media because nothing loads. Another issue is I factory reset my router or modem whatever provides the internet and my 5ghz network doesn’t even show up anymore this issue has been going on for the past month and is very frustrating.



Hey @Jtswish! Thanks for contributing your first post. Smiley


I'm sad to read about your Wi-Fi. It's possible that it may be equipment related.


Have you contacted our technical support line for this? You can reach them via 1-888-236-3436 and they'll be happy to run some tests to see what's up.


Let us know.