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Internet Modem Keeps Dropping

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Just wanted to know if exchanging a modem with new one will help with the random powering off modem will help. I have had this modem for 3 months and an issue from aquiring it. I called support and still keeps on turning off randomly. This really sucks, of Fido wants 100% of the bill paid they need to provide me with 100% service. Last week I got a hold of Tech support said they reset the service and to use 5G..... an hour later still randomly turning off. Today called Tech support and is closed. Go figure! Brings me here to solve the issue, why do Fido customers need to go to a forum to solve an issue?  Bloggers have a better wat to solve the issues?  Well then.... people of the forums:




 From anyones experience with swapping modems solves the random turning no fix.....Goodbye Fido and your 100% of the bill being paid. 


Thanks in advance.  



Hey @JoeRio


Welcome to the Community and thank you for the feedback.


We want our customer's experience to be seamless when they use our services and I am sorry to know that hasn't be the case for you. We certainly don't want to see you go.


Having said that, our internet technical support team is open 24/7, so you should be able to reach them. For a modem swap, they would need to authorize it if they deem that it would resolve the situation you currently have.