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I want to sue Fido

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


I am looking for my lawer these days.

To me, this is very serious problem ever!


Last black friday event 2022, I added one more phone line for my brother.
At that time, the clerk whose at Centerpoint mall in Toronto offered me internet service promotion. then, I refused that offer the first time but, he kept offering to me.
so I accepted and he checked my home area whether my house is eligible or not.
but at that time, my house wasn't eligible to get that offer, so he canceled the process to add internet service on my account.
My husband, my brother and I was there and we heard that he canceled my offer on the phone.
but I've been receiving THE internet service online bill, even I didn't get any service , modem at all. Also, I did have Bell internet service.

How could I have 2 internet company only one house?

when I got The bill first time, I thought it was fraud, so I ignored it.
but, it is still on going now.
it was totally Fido's fault. why did Fido make me so mad because of this problem?
This is the third time that I chatted about this problem.
on April 11th, I gave my final warning to the agent . if I receive one more this internet bill, I will sue Fido about this problem.

but today, I got  THE internet service bill..... Should I go to court for this problem?
I've been very suffering from this problem and stressful for over 6months.
Why do I have to call and contact you to solve this problem even this is not my fault?

Why do I have to spend my precious time for Fido's fault?
This is All Fido's fault.
I cannot stand it anymore.

Fido even didn't give the modem and they wanted to take my money?
then, where is the modem? then how much giga bite did I use?

do thet have data for my internet service?

and one more weird thing is I cannot access to the internet service bill account.

then, who used and stole my profile?


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @yoonak678 


Sorry to hear about your recent experience. It's important to note that any changes to your services (even for new activations) will be communicated to you.


From the information you've shared, it seems that the service is still active and not yet deactivated. Also, I understand that you believed the emails and notifications we've sent were fraud, but in those cases it's important to reach out to us to clarify the situation.


As your situation is account specific, we'll need to access your account to better assist you and we would suggest to contact us on these channels so we can review the situation together.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

This is the fifth time to try to solve and discuss about this problem.

Maybe you seemed that you don't understand my situation.

and also, seeing your reply, you also want to blame me. then, how can I say about this ?


I wanted to find the clerk in Center point mall fido branch, but also he didn't answer to me.

you guys are all the same. I don't have my words.


anyways, Even though I figured this problem out myself several times, you guys didn't listen to me at all and you guys blamed me that your SUPERVISOR told me that it was all my fault and she said like Fido won't solve this problem. ( if you want to know this in detail, you could find the recording transcript of phone. if you guys have it)

The very weird thing is even the account has on my name, but I cannot access the account at all.

very strange but you guys keep saying it is not your company fault.

I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED and STILL FRAUSTRATED  and I don't believe your company anymore.


and now I wanna ask some questions.

how can you prove that I used fido internet service?

is there any usage of that modem? how much bites did I use monthly?

can you prove it to me? what do you have answer?

and also,

From your supervisor, I also felt discrimination, too.

Yes, I am an immigrant in Canada. I don't speak English very well.

but there was no reason that she looked down on me,
and I was very embrassed.

I cannot help forgotting this experience.

Fido service is very bad, the worst.

If someone wants to use fido service, I would never recommend to use it and make him cancel in my entire life.


Thank you for letting me know that your company is a fraud company.

why? even though you guys didn't give the modem, you guys have been trying to steal my money. 

That is THE FACT.

and then, how could your company reimburse about spending my precious time, energy, and hurted my emotion until now?