Home Internet Gift card

Home Internet Gift card

Home Internet Gift card

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Home Internet Gift card

I activated the home Internet on Aug 21, yet still waiting to receive the email to choose the gift card. 


Please be honest with your customers/employees when it comes to promotions. The gift card email was promised to be received within 4-6 weeks after activation. However, I was recently being told that after receiving the email, there will be another 4-6 weeks for the gift card to come. Seriously??? And none of the representatives were aware of this timeline at the time of installation. Everyone said after 4-6 weeks we will receive an email for the gift card. 


I am just disappointed at this promotion as I not only experienced slow Internet sometimes at home (150mbps/15mbps), but will also miss the prime sale at Amazon because of the lengthy wait time. Also, it is quite unreasonable that it will take another long period for an e-gift card to get approved. 

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So here I am, the 11th week after activating fido Internet, the 4.5th week after registering for the gift card, yet to receive an E-gift card. Last time when I posted this thread, all the PM reached me said that the gift card would arrive within 4 weeks after the registration email. Yet what happened again? I don't care if this is a problem with Fido or Helloworld(the gift card company). Fido could've sent an email to all customers regarding the delay, but nothing was done whatsoever. Customers have been waiting for months for this ridiculous gift card. Good job on not taking any responsibility. This is such an amazing experience with fido internet! 

Hey @alice3107,


We're truly saddened with the outcome of this situation with the gift card promotion. While the delays are way past what was expected given the circumstances, you will still get it! 


We do take notes of your feedback as well. We are always looking to improve our services and customer experience.

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Haven't received mine yet. Checked spam as well

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Thank you Alice for bringing this issue a lot of people's attention. I know I'm not the only one and I won't be the last one to experience the exact same situation. My best friend and I both signed up for the 150u internet package on Sept 13. My friend already received the gift card email 3 days ago while I still haven't. I've waited patiently all along and checked every junk and spam inbox but just never received the email. Why? Had 3 different Fido reps help me and they all gave me different answers - problem not solved. Really wished Fido could be more precise and transparent with promotional offers and inform all customers the exact timeline and how to claim the offer (e.g. After 4 weeks or after receiving payment for the first month's bill, instead of saying vague stuff like "for up to 6 weeks of blah blah blah...." LAME!). So when customers do ask Fido reps for assistance, these reps should already know why and be given authority to release that email (upon further verification with customer to avoid scams) and solve the problem so customer do not feel like the ball is being kicked around and told to wait another X number of weeks. Thanks for looking into this matter again and I truly appreciate any help I can get not only for myself but for everyone else affected. 

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Hey @peterliang and @frqlkhn


If you haven't received the gift card and it's been 6 weeks from the time you started using the service, contact us using one of the options you'll find here and we'll take a look at what's going on! 


Hello @alice3107,


Welcome to the community! 


It's true that you should receive the e-mail within up to 6 weeks of the date of your order confirmation.


Did you also check your Junk folder to make sure you didn't miss it?



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yes, the email was sitting in the junk box. Can you verify the timeline after we registered for the gift card? Does it take another 6 weeks for the e-gift card to come?



Hey @alice3107


I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into.

Talk to you soon.