Hitron CGN3AMF Private LAN IP address

Hitron CGN3AMF Private LAN IP address

Hitron CGN3AMF Private LAN IP address

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Hitron CGN3AMF Private LAN IP address



I need to change the IP address of my Fido Hitron CGN3AMF modem, from the default (which is currently the address that I use to access the modem's web page interface) to some other IP address.


This is because I have another Hitron modem with the same Private LAN IP address of on my network, so my two Hitron modems now conflict with the same IP, and I am able to access only one of them . (I have a dual WAN set-up for internet access redundancy).


My question is: how can I change the CGN3AMF default IP address?  No such option appears on the modem's admin web page, but I have seen other Hitron Modems that allow this...


thanks a lot for your help.



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Hey @LucioB


The default gateway address (192.168.100) isn't your I.P address. It is the same for all of our customers to access the modem. 


All of our residential service packages at Fido offers a Dynamic IP address which provides customers with a random IP address when their modem/gateway connects to the network. This may be the same IP address they had before or a different one if the previous IP address is currently not available for use.


In this case, your current set-up isn't something we can support on our residential home internet services. I hope this helps clarify things a little. 



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Thank you for your reply.


But I am not referring to the gateway IP address, I know that this gateway IP is set dynamically by the ISP (FIDO), and this is *not* the one I am trying to change.


I am trying to change the default LAN IP address of the Hitron modem: this is the IP used inside the LAN to access the modem *web page interface* to set some of the modem basic parameters (eg default login), or to see its current status and system information (like which firmware version it runs).


The default IP address to access the web page interface of the Hitron modem is (if the modem is set to "residential gateway function") and to (if the modem is set to the bridge mode allowing a user to use its own WIFI router). This is the default address that I need to change to avoid local IP conflicts within my LAN.

I saw that several versions of the CGN3 hitron modem allow a user to change this default IP default address, inside the basic tab of the modem web interface. But I do not see this in the basic tab of the web interface of the CGN3 modem that I got from FIDO...


Is there a way to change this default address?


Thanks for your help!



Hey @LucioB


There is no way to change this setting. I would recommend that you reach out to your other internet provider to see if their device allows the change.


Is it possible to clarify the reason why you have 2 cable services?

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Hi Vanessa,


thank you for the suggestion, I will check with other ISP modem.

I currently have two ISPs for fault-tolerance, Fido is my primary ISP, the other internet provider is my standby backup (my router has a dual WAN feature: it automatically switches to the secondary ISP in case my FIDO connection goes down, and it switches back to FIDO when the connection is restored).