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cancelling internet??

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hey everyone,

Can anyone tell me how i can cancel my internet without calling (as it's super busy and hard to get thru to a person)? and also how to return my fido modem, as the kiosk in the mall probably isn't running


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I spoke to someone on Fido chat on Today and they told me to cance my Internet I have to take my modem to the store. I went to the store and they told me they can’t cancel it in store I have to phone. Haven’t been able to get through on the phone - just a busy tone or dead line, chat is unavailable, Facebook aren’t responding, store can’t help me, sending a complaint, hope i will solution to canceling, just told me if I don’t return the modem I’ll be charged nearly $250. I CAN’T RETURN THE MODEM IF TOY WON’T LET ME CANCEL IT.


Anyone know any other ways to contact Fido or contact me?? I refuse to pay for extra days because of this.

Hello @SathishRohini


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You're supposed to be able to bring it in store. You can try calling another store in your area to make sure they accept it before you head over. 

We're you able to sort this out? 


Let us know! 


Hello @Eli1928,


See here for all the different methods to contact Fido.


Since all the stores are closed Fido will send you a return label so you can mail the modem back via UPS.