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Fido Home Internet - No Technician Required?

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Good Afternoon. I am reviewing my current household Internet usage and the possibility of trying out Fido Home Internet came up. Before I jump ship I wanted to ask a question about the Installation on here because I know I would get a helpful answer as the local Fido Store could not provide me with a sufficient answer.


They are advertizing Fido Home Internet as "No Technician Required" which to me indicates that it comes setup as "Self Install" capable.  Now watching the instructional video and reading up on here, tells me to simply connect the Fido Internet Modem to a TV Coax Wall Jack.  Now here's my question, What if my house does NOT have any Cable TV Wall jacks at all?


I am not the original owner of my house but I do know the previous home owner Did have cable TV or Internet at one time, but the house was renovated before I bought it and the owner decided to rip out all the coaxial wire throughout the house. The only Rogers Cable that exists is coming into the Electrical Panel Room from the outside NID and it is simply terminated into a grounding block and there is no other Cable TV Coax going into any other room in my house.


If I were to order Fido Home Internet, would I be on the hook for running the wire from the Grounding block into the room which I want the modem installed, or does Fido dispatch an Internet technician to come and run the wire for me, and if so, is there a cost involved?  These are the questions I was not able to get a clear answer on and would like to know about it as it would help with my decision to order Fido Home Internet.




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Former Moderator

Hey @Anonymous, 


Thank you for reaching out to us with this. When we set-up a new Fido Home Internet connection there are a few things we will verify to make sure your address is eligible for the service. We call this a serviceability check. 


There are 4 possible outcomes of this serviceability check. 


#1- Ready for a Fido Internet Easy Connect for Self-Install. In this case we'll just need to send you the modem through courier or you can get it at a store and hook it up using these instructions here


#2- There is one of these scenarios where a technician needs to be sent to Only set-up some connections on the outside of your home to make sure the service comes through. In this case the modem is still sent by courier or picked up in stores, there are no charges involved for the installation and you don't even need to be home when we send our technician to do the proper changes outside your home. 


#3- This scenario involves booking a technician to come set-up all the proper wiring in your home and install the modem/service. If you are not the homeowner, we'll need you to get a letter of permission signed from the homeowner in case any drilling is necessary.  This option has a$49.99+tx installation fee. 


#4- The final possibility is your address may not currently be covered by our Fido Home Internet Service. You can confirm if this is the case simply by verifying the availability here


Can you take a look and make sure our service is available at your address? Let us know if it is and I can send you a PM so we can do a full serviceability check! Smiley 

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I checked your online qualification tool and the good news is yes I definitely qualify. I just now have to discuss with the boss, err, I mean the Wife and see if it makes financial and economical sense to switch over to Fido home internet. For these kind of decisions I never look for the lowest price Internet package and jump ship. I have learnt in the past that price is not everything, and that you have to look at the company as a whole in terms of customer service, technical support, product reliability, how accessible are they to get in contact with, etc.

Sounds great @Paulo Smiley I definitely hear what you're saying. If you have any further questions about the service, don't hesitate to reach out again!