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Usual fido customer service

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

After weeks of frustration getting my internet actually working after 10 days back in December. I am running into the same excellent customer service I encountered back then.


Here is my issue. The cable running running from my house to the box was damaged so Fido technician installed a temporary cable from my neighbor's house to mine above ground due to snow/ice. They indicated that the new line would be installed in the spring.


Fast forward to early April, my neighbor is not happy about his Rogers box open on the side of his house and a wire dangling between our homes. It is unsightly.


I call Fido, they agree to send a technician on April 15th. Technician shows up assuming there is a service issue. I told him we need a new line installed, he says not his department but said he would put a rush on the cable dig and it should get resolved in the next 2 weeks maximum.


I call May 8th to get a status update. they have nothing scheduled in their system. they rush a techinician appointment for Today May 10th. Wife stays wome from work to meet tech. Technician calls late and asks what the service issue is, I tell him about the dangling cable. He says not his department, he only does repairs. I have told Fido every single time that the service is working, it's the cable that is the issue.


I call helpline, they say they have no idea when the new cable will be installed. I will let my neighbor know it his his property and he can do what he wishes with the cable. If he cuts it, I will also cut my ties with Fido.


The overwhelming feeling I get when calling the help line is that they are just clocking in and clocking out and don't care about any of the customers.


Rant over.....



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Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @toughcalls


Thank you for sharing your experience with us. If this had been me, I'm pretty sure the rant would have been even longer ! 


While I can't say much more in regards to what happened, I can definitely agree that it's not right that when you finally get your appointment scheduled, it turns out it's not for the right thing. I'd like to apologize for this! 


This is definitely not the experience we want you to have nor the service we want you to receive! 


I'm sending you a PM right now so we can take a look at your account and have this figured out.