FIDO WIFI modem keeps dropping connection

FIDO WIFI modem keeps dropping connection

FIDO WIFI modem keeps dropping connection

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FIDO WIFI modem keeps dropping connection



we're having issues with FIDO Modem that keepl loosing connections while schooling time in the morning.

we have lot of issues with the connectivity & speed. 75 Mbps speed as per plan but getting 50MBPS some time 20 MBPS , sometime 100 MBPS. Speed keeps fluctuating.


we had replaced fido modem but still we're having the issue with refurbished modem given by FIDO store as replacement.


I don't know what is going on. is FIDO modem is secured ?


Please let me know help would be appriciated.




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Again. within week i have to restart the modem more than 3 times. I don't understand what's the issue. why modem didn't stay with same connection ? why modem confuses between websites / ip address etc. Is there any perfect modem from Fido works across the board ? I don't want replacement / refurbished modems.  please resolve this asap. as our kids are in the school they're having hard time for multiple disconnections.

Hey @man4!


What you're describing definitely shouldn't be happening and tech support would have to look into this.

Had you reached out to them as @FidoSaad suggested above? You can call them directly at 1-888-259-3436 so that they can check things out Smiley


I'm a Participant Level 3

18 views but not reply or solution no one have issues which i'm having ?

Hey there @man4


Just to confirm, is that your modem that keeps losing the connection (affecting  all connected devices) or just one device losing the connection?


Either way, this would be an unusual behavior and you can reach out to our home internet technical support team for assistance,  24/7 by phone or live chat here


Can you reach out to them and let us know how it goes?