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Constant disconnecting

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

We have the 75 download speed package since beginning of March ish.


As of the last few days the internet connecting keeps dropping, sometimes reconnects on its own and sometimes requires a hard reboot.


The power and both up and down arrows are solid with no other lights on. Tried multiple different outlets on different circuits.


Live chat tech had no idea what issue was.


This is in the L1C area .




Hi there @Dtk3 , sorry you've had problems with your internet. I'm by no means an expert on routers and modems but if you have done the usual troubleshooting, it just may be your router. Did you try the usual, unplug everything  then wait for the router to finish reconnecting, then plug in everything else one at a time? If so and it's still happening,  you may want someone to come and check the equipment. Could be a faulty piece of equipment, or a firmware issue or even a faulty cable connection. 🤔 

Usually,  the unplugging everything and working my way back to plugging in one at a time works for me. I hope that's the case, but when all else fails, a service call might be the answer. 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi Lucy, thanks for the reply.


We've tried everything, it got to the point where the entire modem would turn off with zero lights displaying.


We had a tech come out yesterday and he said most modems are refurbs and are bound to fail eventually. He ended up replacing the modem and we haven't had any issues yesterday or today...yet.