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Complaint About Fido Local Store (Pacific Mall Location)

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


The agent in the shop is very unprofessional and has a bad attitude.


My family took the equipment to cancel the network plan, but the agent rejected it. I am confused because I called fido customer service not long ago, and the customer service representative clearly told me that the Fido local store must provide the service of canceling the network. And I was at this location a few days ago and asked other agents, and one of the female agents also told me that they can do this service.


My family told me that a male agent wearing glasses said that they do not provide the service of canceling the network. The customer must contact fido's customer service online or by phone and return the device by mail. This is different from what I know.


My family explained the situation to the male agent. The Fido customer service said that the local store must provide this service, and his co-worker also said that they can provide this service. However, the male agent didn't answer directly, just repeating that they didn't do this service without explaining why.


Since I was not at the scene, I hoped to talk through the speakerphone, but the agent refused. I asked my family to ask his name, but he still refused.


My family and friends, including me, have been Fido loyal customers for many years. I have never encountered such a situation before, and I am really disappointed.


Will not return to this location again. The experience is terrible.


Is it true that customers can only cancel the network service by contacting customer service online or by phone? If it can be canceled through a local store, why do the employees in the Fido local store refuse to provide services and lie?


Wasting customers’ time and energy, reducing their trust in the brand... Is this the result that fido employees want? Why should I stay in a company that is unprofessional, has a bad attitude, and is unwilling to provide me with the services I deserve, harming my rights as a customer?


Seriously consider whether my family and I will continue to use Fido's services. Because I saw that many people complained about similar issues in google review, they have been responding to it a few years ago, but there seems to be no improvement.



Hey @zhxinyun, Alex here and I'll be happy to help.


First of all, I just want to say that I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. We definitely don't want our customers to get the run around and sent to a store when it's not necessary. 


What @Cawtau explained is pretty much correct on all points. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, our stores aren't accepting modem returns so the cancellation has to be done with our customer service over the phone or online. You can find all of the ways to get in touch with us here


Just to clarify one thing, not any of our stores is accepting modem returns currently so the modem will need to be returned by mail. The process is fairly simple, after the service is cancelled, you'll receive an email with the return waybill from within 24 hours, just make sure to keep the tracking number, this way you'll be able to follow up on the progress of the returned equipment.


Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions! 👍

Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Zhxinyun,


  Happy New Year!


  Sorry to hear you're having issues returning equipment and cancelling your internet services. Unfortunately, I believe the issue is a consequence of Covid-19.  I recently had to return some equipment for my Aunt. Before Covid-19, the technician updating services would have been able to simply take the used equipment with them. However, since the pandemic, they are not allowed to receive returned equipment because of the risk of contaminated equipment sitting in their vehicles for extended periods. Another consequence of the pandemic is that returned equipment needs a period of isolation before they can be handled.


  As a result of those new policies, smaller outlets are not able to receive returned equipment because they don't have the space to store the devices for the required isolation period. The Fido store at Pacific Mall is likely one such outlet. That location wouldn't be much bigger than a booth. **edit** Even in the absence of Covid-19, the smaller locations simply do not have the space to receive returned equipment.** You would need to find a larger Fido store  with at least some sort of back office to allow for storage of returned equipment. You might consider calling a location to see if they are able to receive returned equipment prior to visiting that store.


Hope this helps 😀