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Blacklisted IP address prevents me from accessing certain services.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


The IP address assigned to me is blacklisted. Can't access certain services. No one at FIDO shows interest or knows how to handle it. This is the last resource before switching FIDO as an ISP service provider. I had to purchase a VPN subscription to bypass this problem. Looking desperately for a solution... 



I woke up this morning and notices that my emails are not working on my iPhone, Samsung, 2x desktop computers and laptop... The first assumption was that the email service provider for my business (HostMonster) was the cause of the problem. Contacted them, tried a few things. Created a test email account and they were able to send/receive emails. But did not work at my end. As per their recommendation changed email password, deleted the account, recreated. Then deleted email account from laptop etc. etc.. Nothing helped. Then I noticed it's not only their email but also the iCloud email account is not working. Contacted Microsoft, they did some troubleshooting nada... The problem still exists. Then I tried eliminating some of the circumstances. Called Fido again, did a reset on the modem. Still nothing. But while the modem was resetting, I noticed email started to come in.  And then once I tried to send did go through as well. (My cell phone provider is also FIDO). So I turned off wi-fI on laptop and cell phone. Did data tethering to the laptop and all start working normally. Called again FIDO the 8th ~ 10th time back. Explained the situation and the answer was that certain email servers/providers do not like certain ISP providers. Which makes absolutely no sense. In fact, all the answers I got before was pretty much in the same nonsense manner. In that case, all the FIDO home internet users should be effected by iCloud email accounts? No comment from the EXPERT on the other line... This was clear it was an isolated issue that was affecting me only. Long story short, after doing hourly research I find out that the IP address assigned to me is blacklisted. And there is apparently to the EXPERTS no solution to it. It is very hard for me to understand that. Now, for a shortcut, I purchased a VPN service. With VPN everything works the way as it worked for the last 19 years and before I went to bed. Just wondering is there anyone at FIDO that is interested to help me with this? Or is it time to change the ISP?


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @Maydin!


Sorry to hear that you're having trouble using your home internet service. Could you perhaps tell us more on how you confirmed that your IP address was blacklisted? Other than emails, are there any other features impacted?


As a side note, you can reach out to our home internet technical support team 24/7 by live chat or by phone here. Have you had the chance to go over the situation with them as well?


Let us know.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2



Hi !,


I see that you haven't had a chance to read the entire post. Were I had indicated "Called again FIDO the 8th ~ 10th time back." I already spoke at least 8 times with your "technical" support team.


Here are some suggestion I did receive;

1. Some email servers or online services may not compatible with your ISP. (Which includes Apple, iCloud, etc..When I asked when do you sell then iPhone? Or why does it work when I am on LTE on Fido's network could not get an answer.) 

2. I should contact Microsoft and Apple 

3. I could change the modem but modems are not available at the nearby stores that I have. So I have to stay without the internet for 3~5 days until it arrives by email. 


Running a test on multiply places it all came back with; 

Added to SORBS DUHL 


Perhaps if you guys contact me directly I walk you through the details. 


Hello @Maydin,


How exactly do you know your IP address is blacklisted and where exactly is it blacklisted from?


Can you try checking the firewall settings in the modem put it on Typical or Minimum and see if it helps.


Also, are you using any custom DNS?  If so disable it.


If you are not using a custom DNS try using any of these and see if it helps.

Google DNS





If for whatever reason the problem is with your IP ask Fido to change your IP address.