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Hey Community!


We love bringing you innovative and exciting products and services that help connect you to the things you love.


That’s why today we’re introducing “Fido EnRoute” – an innovation from Fido that lets you see exactly where your technician is and when they will arrive, so you can shift your focus to the things you want to do rather than waiting for service.


We are excited to bring this to you as Fido is the first telecommunications company in Canada to offer a service like this.


Here’s how it works:


If you need an Internet technician to visit your home, opt for Fido EnRoute when submitting your service visit request. You’ll then receive a link via email or SMS prior to your appointment. The link will take you to a website that will provide you with three status updates before the technician arrives:


  1. The first notification is sent when your appointment is booked. It will have a link that confirms your appointment.
  1. The second notification will arrive on the day of the appointment.
  1. You’ll receive the third notification when the technician is on their way to your home. Open the included link to see a map with the updated arrival time of the technician.


When the EnRoute notification has been sent and the technician is proceeding to your home, you will be taken to a map where you can see where the tech is in real time, and exactly when they’ll arrive.


Pretty cool eh? We can’t change your to-do list but you’ll have one less thing to worry about!


For now, the service is only available in Hamilton, but don’t worry, we’re working on expanding it to other cities as soon as possible.


Let us know what you think by posting a comment below!