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My Account App is useless

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

The app is completely useless. I’ve complained many times and was told each time to uninstall and reinstall. This would work for maybe 2 x of use and it went back to the picture with the girl looking at the phone and would not go anywhere from there. It’s been 6 months I have been doing this uninstall app and reinstall and the results are that the app is totally and completely useless. Complete garbage app. Doesn’t work at all.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi @pcrowc237 Welcome to the Community! We're glad to have you with us. 


The troubles you're having with the app are certainly not the experience we aim for.


I'd like to clarify a few things : 


1) Does the Operating System on your phone meets the minimum requirements:

  • iOS: 8.2 and above
  • Android: 4.2 and above

2) Are you registered and able to access your MyAccount via the website? 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Please don’t insult me. Of course I make sure everything is up to date to the absolute top quality brand an equipment. As I stated that fido has told me over and over what to do, so obviously they are going to make sure I have all these things up to date. I have an iPhone X with the latest updates and have been a customer for 15 years or so. To ask me such a ridiculous question in silts my intelligence. Thanks for your help???

Thanks for clarifying @pcrowc237 Smiley


Based on the description you've provided, the Fido mobile app doesn't get passed the loading screen. Would you be able to confirm and share with us any error messages (if applicable)?


Instead of uninstalling and reinstalling the app, can you please close all the apps running in the background instead, the Fido app included. Once you launch it again, describe the steps until the issue is reproduced.


We'd also like to get a clearer idea on the features you're trying to access on the app. Are you attempting to log in to access your billing and apply other changes or simply trying to access your usage, Data Bytes and FidoXtra? Generally speaking, the latter does not require you to log in.


Let us know!