Fido my account mobile app

Fido my account mobile app

Fido my account mobile app

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Fido my account mobile app

I have the fido "my account" app on my iphone6. Very often I go to use it , and while waiting for it to activate, a message appears saying" your session has timed out" . Now I can't open the app at all ! Why is this happening?

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Hi @mackellshirley!


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Can you confirm if your data is enabled when you get that error message? 

If possible, can you also share a screencap of the error message?

Also have you already tried to re-install the application? Did it changed anything?

Hey @mackellshirley!


I know it's been a while, but I was curious to know if this is still happening?


If it was resolved, what was the solution? Did an update to the app fix it?


Let us know Very_Happy

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Hi ,

I just transferred my no to fido. After installing My Account, i found its hapenning with me. I got an android ph, samsung s6. I have removed , reinstall still the same result.


Sorry, something went wrong.

Dont worry! You havent started using your Data bytes.


Pops up in Usage & Phone tab.

Very annoying. Any body knows how to overcome this?

Thank you.

Thanks for confirming! Can you please try one last thing for us @mah941?


Via your phone settings, please clear the app cache completely and then uninstall and re-install it. Once that's done, let us know if the same happens!



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i ve clr app cache then uninstall it. 

Unfortunately after installing it i got same result. 

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Hey @mah941,


The situation has been flagged, we'll get back to you as soon as we get an answer Smiley


Thanks for your understanding!


Hey @mah941


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Do you get the same result when on Mobile Data and on Wifi?


Also, can you confirm your OS version at the moment?


You do have the latest one?

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yes i ve tried over wifi , data separately, same result. 

os android version 7.0